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Silly Venture 2020+1 Summer August 24th, 2021
As most of you probably know, Silly Venture 2020+1 Summer took place last weekend in Gdansk, Poland.

The party was a hybrid of physical/online with a special supporter ticket if you wanted to vote without being at the party place.

We saw what could probably be seen as the best graphics competitions in Atari history. Very very good entries for XL, ST and Falcon. Then KK of Altair surprised many with an STe-port of his (work in progress) Dread Amiga game, that's a texturemapped FPS, somewhere between Wolf3D and Doom with very Doom-like style.

And finally there were some incredible demos shown, as expected from Silly Venture. The winning demos in the Lynx and ST demo compos are simply incredible. The Lynx demo defies all reason, did they not realise that's an 8-bit 65sc02 machine from 1989 they are working with?? Madness. And finally, most have likely seen it already but The Overlanders made a comeback! And holy cow what a comeback. Over ten minutes of effects, design, music and graphics of superb-quality. That's an incredible demo and it's wonderful to see Overlanders back after 22 years (don't forget the screen in Nostalic-o-demo :-)).

The releases are showing up bit by bit as does video recordings. Check out the links below to watch/download!

Thanks to all the guys doing these pictures, musics, demos, intros, games and what not, you're awesome! And double thanks the Silly Venture crew who served us with the online stream. Finally thanks to the guys who showed up for the Jitsi evening while watching the compos, had a great time :)

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