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Dune releases Roc'Hell December 21st, 2019
Mic of Dune writes:


we have finally released the game we presented at the last Sillyventure party: Roc'Hell.

The project comes with:

- The game itself
- A level editor
- And all resources, including art

The game is a take on the now classic Boulder Dash but has room and art enough for a few twists.

The goal is for someone to take it over and finish it. It's still very rough around the edges (no proper menu, no music, some extra design features are missing, no proper level design etc). An STe version for instance would be great (smooth scrolling, better sounds, blitting vs movem, etc...).

We think this could be an interesting project for a small team. Meanwhile, you can always have a go at the game and enjoy what is there :)


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