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DHS.NU news article
New shoot'em up game released January 7th, 2005
Gempanic, a shooter game in GEM has just been released. The game is created by Baldrick, mostly known for his STiK internet stack for TOS.

Playability wise the game reminds a bit like Space invaders and Galaga from the early eighties. Although a fair bit easier. Specifications to play Gempanic is a bit high;
640x400 res minimum
256 colours or more preferred, less colourdepth will result in monochrome graphics (mostly)
A multitasking OS recomended
DMA sound hardware for sampled sound effects (or Gemjing where the built-in audio routines doesn't function)
A FAST Atari or clone such as a Hades or CT60.
As a bonus, the full sources are included (C language).

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