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Music by design offers new downloads March 12th, 2005
Music by design, currently recording and finishing a commercial remix audio-cd of classic Atari ST chip tracks, has recently started to offer more downloads of the upcoming album.

It is now possible to download samples of every track, and an extended mix of all the remix-songs. The final tracklist of the CD is as follows:

01) Odyssey (Composed: Scavenger. Arr. Jan Morgenstern)
02) LED Storm (Composed: Tim Follin. Arr. Rafael Dyll)
03) DBA6 (Composed: Scavenger. Arr. Fabian Del Priore)
04) Dragon Flight City 1 (Composed: Jochen Hippel. Arr. Sonic Wanderer)
05) Exolon (Composed: Dave Rogers. Arr. Markus Holler)
06) Lethal Xcess (Composed: Jochen Hippel. Arr. Rafael Dyll)
07) Foundations Waste (Composed: Wally Bebben. Arr. Sonic Wanderer)
08) Period in 3D (Composed: Scavenger. Arr. Jan Morgenstern)
09) Quick And Silva (Composed: Chris Huelsbeck. Arr. Fabian Del Priore)
10) Custodian (Composed: David Whittaker. Arr. Sonic Wanderer)
11) Jupiter Probe (Composed: Rob Hubbard. Arr. Markus Holler)
12) Goldrunner 2 (Composed: David Whittaker. Arr. Gianluca Verrengia)
Bonus Track:
13) Maniax (Vocal Edit) (Composed: Kingsoft. Arr. Dr.Future)

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