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Re: ultraTos for 1040STE
Posted by: ultra Feb,11.2021-12:35 

i mentioned Tos 1.x support explicit because tos 1.x roms are running at a different rom address space. ultraTos relocates the rom before flashing...

no problem @check your website ;)

>What about ST with two ROMs like that one (mine looks the same)?
i'm not very into st schematics. the answer is nearly the same the pcb will not fit you need to solder the cables to make the connections by yourself. or you need to create a converter pcb...
i guess the logic for oe is not needed then. didn't know it's possible to have 2 roms for a st.

also the ultraTos tools like flashing and booting need a special version because flashing is done by reading from the rom space. currently it's fixed to $exxxxx on st it must be $fcxxxx.

the other questions does it makes sense in a st?
you can't use a ste tos(>1.62) on a st because it's bigger 256kb instead of 192kb. to make a 256kb rom run on a st is a bit more complex because the reset vector is hardcoded in the glue. after a reset it jumps to that address. theoretically if the 68k accesses $FC0030 it would be possible to do a jump to $e00030 via the CPLD but well. not sure if a normal st supports that rom area too..
other questions is does a ste tos work on a normal st? i don't know.
that's why i do not support st. besides the CLPD is pretty much filled not much space left for special things.

>If I remember correctly 520STE is the same as 1040 STE
yes you are right. i compared the pcbs of the 520STE and 1040STE. if the distance between the ic sockets are the same it should work.

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