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The Replicants collection
Posted by: cooper Dec,27.2020-13:12 

Hello !
This is my little gift to the sceners for the end of this year, the ultimate compilation of the Replicants intros, in video, from all the generations.
Some of the intros were already available here and there, but not in the same place...

You'll find 5h40 of Reps vid, 106 intros/demos in fullHD 50 fps, sorted by crackers and coders, encoded with love by myself (big thanks to Evil/DHS for his encoding parameters with Hatari !), in stereo where available, and STE palette. I left the scroll rolling until the end at least 1 time for each intro. I tried to put 1 version of each intro, so everybody can be pleased ;) I added some extras (Megafun 3 slideshow, Bombonne demo, STE Demo from Dom...)

I put all the informations i've had regarding authors and release dates, if some of you have further informations, dont hesitate to contact me !
Dont hesitate to comment, like, and share this vid ! (some Replicants members may read you ;) )

Have a nice end of year, and enjoy !

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The Replicants collection cooper Dec,27.2020-13:12
  Re: The Replicants collection s_t_s Dec,28.2020-09:37

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