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Atari Fan magazine - Internati
Posted by: Cyprian Jun,01.2020-01:26 

a quote from Polish forum

Today, the website of Atari Fan magazine - International edition starts. A new paper magazine for all fans of the Atari computers and consoles. Kroll, our chief editor, has covered our project on the Silly Venture 2019 Atari party.
The paper version of the magazine is already on the last straight, and we've also had the opportunity to talk about it on "KWAS", an online meeting organized by the staff.
The website is still under development and will soon be fully translated into English. However, we would like to give you a glimpse of what is coming smile
The website contains additional material from articles of the paper edition (QR codes) of the first issue of the magazine.

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Atari Fan magazine - Internati Cyprian Jun,01.2020-01:26

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