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Sommarhack 2020 cancelled
Posted by: evil May,14.2020-21:39 


As many have probably heard already, we've had to cancel this years Sommarhack. The reason should be obvious and it sucks major Amigas.

But! We are trying to keep the competitions alive and we would love to see entries in all categories. We've already started to receive some which is record early! Check out the link below if you're interested to contribute.

The competitions will be streamed live on Youtube showing entries running on actual hardware (ST/STe/Falcon) and other Atari platforms pre-recorded. All people who registered for Sommarhack as well as everyone sending in entries will be able to vote.

On top of that we'll have more Atari-related programming which will hopefully turn out to a whole evening of Atari streaming. Bunker up with beverages and snacks.

Check the Sommarhack page for the latest time table and list of content.

Keep safe everyone and see you in person when the pandemic is over!

Anders Eriksson

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Sommarhack 2020 cancelled evil May,14.2020-21:39
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    Re: Sommarhack 2020 cancelled evil May,21.2020-13:21

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