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Demo reel proposal
Posted by: AdamK Mar,06.2020-15:09 

I've been a part of some retrocomputing presentations, where I usually show my STE. I've found it to be a bit taxing, because to make it really intresting, I'd have to show demo after a demo, which binds me to computer and I really cant go away for longer than few minutes.

What if... we would have an engine capable of running multiple demos in a row or in a loop? The engine is not a problem, I could write one, but demos are a problem. Most of them do not return cleanly to the OS, or loop at the end.

So, my question is. Are there intrested demomakers willing to modify their old demos to accept some standard for 'demo reel'? I think the minimal HW should be STE with 4MB and HDD.

If there is any intrest, I'll start on writing an engine for this, and maybe look for demos/intros that alread could work in such manner.

Suggestions welcome.

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Demo reel proposal AdamK Mar,06.2020-15:09
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