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Rasters and TimerC SNDH
Posted by: Stalvik Dec,17.2019-12:45 

I need some help with a problem I ran into:

In a demo screen I'm writing (assembler) for Atari STe, I'm playing a song made in maxYMiser which has SID, Digi-drums and runs on 56Hz.
Since the song runs quicker than a VBL, it's replayed on TimerC.

I have tried to add rasters using TimerB to the same screen.
It works perfect as long as I don't play any music.
If I try to enable music playback on TimerC, everything will just bomb out.

Anyone experienced the same - if so any tips how to solve this?
(If it's even possible)

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Rasters and TimerC SNDH Stalvik Dec,17.2019-12:45
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