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Re: Youtube Heads-up
Posted by: evil Nov,16.2019-20:28 


thanks for the heads up. The new terms of service didn't say that exactly. Just that channels who are not commercially viable can be terminated. Not that they will kill all small channels on December 10th :)

In a follow-up message on Twitter, they write:

"The section of our Terms that you're referring to is *not* about terminating an account if it's not making enough money - it's about discontinuing certain YouTube features of parts of the service, e.g. removing outdates/low usage
features. This does not impact anyone in new ways!"

It's a bit cryptic still and doesn't address the topic properly. If I were to guess, I think it's a backdoor for them to be able to remove channels that are uncomfortable for their advertisers. But who knows, if they throw out smaller
channels just for being small, there are/will be alternatives. Their loss in the end.

They can then keep iJustine and 5000000 reaction channels for themself ;-)

Anders Eriksson

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