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Sillyventure 2K19 is on !!!
Posted by: Felice Jan,30.2019-21:30 

Good news:-

Grey has announced that Sillyventure 2k19 will happen this year, in December. The dates were given out on the calendar - 6th to 8th Dec 2019.

Hope those who have been before can make the trip again, same also goes for anyone who is considering going for the first time. You'll love it :)



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Sillyventure 2K19 is on !!! Felice Jan,30.2019-21:30
  Re: Sillyventure 2K19 is on !!! Grey Jan,31.2019-19:31
    Re: Sillyventure 2K19 is on !!! Felice Mar,29.2019-22:13
      Re: Sillyventure 2K19 is on !!! bob_er/mec Aug,25.2019-16:54

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