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Re: F22.0 Falcon 060 demo
Posted by: Emphii Nov,15.2018-23:35 

I've just got the mandatory DSP part work, which were totally missing from the party version. Some guys might remember me as debugging the DSP code quite a lot without succeed at the partyplace.

I reveal what I found after return back to home.
I wrestled with a code, looking like this:

label1 move #object,r0

DIST EQU $0f0000
R EQU $230000
move #>R,x0
move #>DIST,y0
do #8,_iterloop

Compile and it said "Cannot evaluate on Pass2" and it's pointing the do-command. All the time. If I commented it, it compiles fine.

Ok. The reason here was the EQU's inside the subroutine. I have several do's there and more far I took the EQU's, more do's failed. Those EQU's must be placed outside the subroutine, period.

Now I have 558 xyz point dotted object flying on the screen, rotating in realtime between three axis freely. Dsp does angle calculation, sorting and projection. It's quite cool, as this is my 1st 3d routine for DSP.

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