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LCD monitor overscan tool ?
Posted by: spiny May,28.2018-11:21 

Hi Guys, I'm not sure if i imagined it or not, but I recall seeing a tool that would do a full overscan screen showing exacly how many pixels were visible, so you could check how much overscan your monitor could show. Does it exist, and if so, is there a link anywhere ?
I've spent an hour looking and can'ty find it anywhere :)


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LCD monitor overscan tool ? spiny May,28.2018-11:21
  Re: LCD monitor overscan tool ? evil May,31.2018-17:04
    Re: LCD monitor overscan tool ? Alien / ST-CNX May,31.2018-17:09
    Re: LCD monitor overscan tool ? spiny Jun,01.2018-00:38

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