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BTBA falcon demo
Posted by: Thadoss / Dune Feb,18.2018-22:40 

Hi all,

After a looooooong time, here it is finally ...
... the new falcon 030 demo from Dune / Sector one / Cerebral Vortex / Arcadia Crew called "Bird to be alive"

It was first released at Sillyventure 2K17 and finished first in the falcon demo compo.

You can download it at :
(This repository is temporary thus you should not reference it on your website as a long term place for download.
Please duplicate the ZIP on your own website where possible).

A video is available here :

Code ................ : Thadoss / Dune
Code ................ : Splash / Sector one
Gfx and Design....... : Templeton / Cerebral Vortex
Design .............. : Xerus / Arcadia Crew
additional Gfx ...... : Mic / Dune (disco texture)
Music ............... : DMA-SC / Sector One

This demo should run well under hatari 2.0 or higher.
It has also been tested with success on accelerated falcon 060.

The first part (a bird is born) :
This part is running in high resolution. All the animations
are made with the 68030 when the DSP plays a MP2 soundtrack.

The second part (happy birthday, let's dance) :
Here, the demo runs in normal resolution, and the DSP is
computing all the 3D, env-mappings, movements, ...
The music is made of several loopable sequences, rescripted
as a complete track.

Greetings to all our friends in the Atari communauty
and to Grey for his wonderful SillyVenture

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BTBA falcon demo Thadoss / Dune Feb,18.2018-22:40

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