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About overscan/fullscreen
Posted by: s_t_s Feb,09.2018-11:49 

Hi there !

Little question regarding overscan and above all fullscreen. Even though I could only check from snapshots I could see that most screens in We Were @/OXG were displayed in a 400*272 window. Is that the maximum size we can reach ? Is overscan considered fullscreen as soon as all borders are opened, whatever the screen size ? Thank you for more details.

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About overscan/fullscreen s_t_s Feb,09.2018-11:49
  Re: About overscan/fullscreen evil Feb,09.2018-17:30
    Re: About overscan/fullscreen s_t_s Feb,10.2018-19:40
    Re: About overscan/fullscreen s_t_ Feb,11.2018-22:30
  Re: About overscan/fullscreen Leonard Feb,15.2018-23:48

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