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need some testers for 2048
Posted by: Rajah Jan,23.2016-05:05 


I need some ct60 + PCI/Radeon or SuperVidel users to test a work version of my 2048 GEM port. ->

It's supposed to use the ct60_vmalloc() function and speed up animations : if the vmalloc() is successful, the bitmaps are relocated in VRAM. I hope detection is OK. CT60 and SupV cookies are searched first. CT60 and _PCI/XPCI are searched, then Radeon is searched on the PCI devices.

Thanks in advance.

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need some testers for 2048 Rajah Jan,23.2016-05:05
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        Re: need some testers for 2048 Rajah Jan,26.2016-01:08
          Re: updated archives Rajah Jan,27.2016-00:57

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