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MiniVMac for CT6x series
Posted by: CiH Jan,14.2015-01:32 

Some people may find this interesting.

An SDL port of a Mac Plus Emulator for the Atari Falcon by 'OL' (CT6x recommended.)

At the moment, it boots up with the supplied system disk image. Not clear on whether other disk images are presently useable at the moment?

Link to the Atari Forum topic below:

Direct download:

Website with more detailed info:

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MiniVMac for CT6x series CiH Jan,14.2015-01:32
  Re: MiniVMac for CT6x series HuggyOne76 Jan,14.2015-14:40
    Re: MiniVMac for CT6x series CiH Jan,14.2015-22:45
  Re: MiniVMac for CT6x series st-computer Jan,17.2015-22:51

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