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let's try in the right board!
Posted by: CiH May,24.2014-15:18 

This one is addressed to the Nature Brothers.

I'm bringing a Falcon to the Outline Party next week. In the blue corner, is my CT60 Falcon. This still needs its Supervidel fitting. However, it is not my original CT60 Falcon, as that has gone to live with Douglas Little.

The replacement CT60 is in a rack mount case, with a CTPCI and an Ethernat. The CTPCI would be displaced by the Supervidel of course, Mint 1.18 is installed. I am in touch with the original owner (Dal of Atari Forum fame), who has the skills and knowledge of what was his system to do the job. His problem is getting spare time to do it. Which is why nothing has happened as yet.

My question is whether the Nature Bros are willing to fit the Supervidel at Outline. If not and they want to relax at the party, fair enough. As a plan B, I could bring the Supervidel on its own to be updated with the latest firmware and fix a date with Dal later on next month. (I have had a chat with Dal tonight.)

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let's try in the right board! CiH May,24.2014-15:18
  Re: let's try in the right board! Beetle May,24.2014-23:47
    Re: let's try in the right board! CiH May,26.2014-13:26
  Question answered.. CiH May,25.2014-21:31

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