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Posted by: Didier Méquignon Feb,14.2012-21:01 

Some news...
Rodolphe try to Fix DMA problems with direction PCI to local (SDRAM), but I tried again USB and with his latest fix with Jedec CTPCI 1L, USB mouse works at home, and I havn't an easier config because I have the 2 PCIe bridges.



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USB & CTPCI_1L Didier Méquignon Feb,14.2012-21:01
  Re: USB & CTPCI_1L Beetle Feb,14.2012-21:57
    Re: USB & CTPCI_1L Rodolphe Feb,15.2012-18:07
      Re: USB & CTPCI_1L Beetle Feb,15.2012-19:39
    Re: USB & CTPCI_1L Didier Méquignon Feb,17.2012-19:59
      Re: USB & CTPCI_1L Beetle Feb,17.2012-20:55
        Re: USB & CTPCI_1L Didier Méquignon Feb,18.2012-00:49
      Re: USB & CTPCI_1L Didier Méquignon Feb,25.2012-19:22
        Re: USB & CTPCI_1L wongck Feb,26.2012-03:11
          Re: USB & CTPCI_1L Didier Méquignon Feb,26.2012-19:07
            Re: USB & CTPCI_1L wongck Feb,27.2012-01:08
              Re: USB & CTPCI_1L ragnar Feb,27.2012-17:59
            Re: USB & CTPCI_1L Didier Méquignon Feb,28.2012-23:13
              Re: USB & CTPCI_1L ragnar Feb,29.2012-10:41
  Re: USB & CTPCI_1L wongck Feb,18.2012-05:32

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