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Posted by: Orion Mar,29.2021-00:33 

Hi there!

This message to let you know that I've just released a tool dedicated to the preservation of Atari ST cracktros.

This program automatically rips Atari ST cracktros that are stored directly on sectors and loaded by the boot sector (i.e. there is no filesystem on the disk).

The executable for Atari ST and the fully commented source code are available on my github:

This program has been developed to help the archivists (such as DEMOZOO) in their work of indexing and preserving Atari ST cracktros.

This is also an opportunity for me to congratulate and thank all those involved in the preservation of the Atari ST heritage because we owe them a lot!


-- Orion / The Replicants

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R1PP3R Orion Mar,29.2021-00:33
  Re: R1PP3R Cyprian Mar,29.2021-00:45

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