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Free Pascal 3.1.1 for Atari
Posted by: Chain-Q Dec,30.2016-14:41 

Hi folks,

During the Deadline demoparty in October, I was badly influenced by insane (a spark of insanity, hue hue hue...), so I started working on the Atari TOS support of the Free Pascal Compiler. Which is an Open Source (GPL) Pascal compiler, and it's developed in and compiles itself. Earlier I did the 68k code generator revival for the 3.x series, and the Amiga port. For an Atari port, there was an effort 15+ years ago, but I don't think it was ever finished, and the code was largely obsolete and unusable. I think by now, over 90% of the Atari specific code is new.

So anyway, I almost got it to generate a working "Hello world!" during the party (with a cross-compiler), but then it worked out one day after. But then the whole thing was more or less on hold until I restarted on it during the holidays and now it's advanced enough to compile itself for TOS, and compile a working "Hello world!" on TOS.


Few relevant tweets (with screenshots):

There's no binary release ATM, because the whole thing is wildly experimental, but it's easy and fast to build a cross-compiler for most platforms (see the wiki link above). The TOS hosted compiler is probably too slow to be useable even on the fastest 68ks, but it works. Needs GNU AS and VLink for both cross and native. (For some reason I got all versions of TOS/MiNT GNU LD do nothing but crash on me, so VLink it is.)

Few trivia: I am an Amiga guy, this is my first Atari code ever. Don't be too hard on me. I don't own any Atari hardware (yet?). Volunteers and feedback is welcomed. It's all mainline in Free Pascal's SVN trunk.


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Free Pascal 3.1.1 for Atari Chain-Q Dec,30.2016-14:41
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