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Re: STE stable fullscreen
Posted by: evil Aug,27.2015-18:07 

I think Patrice is on to something.
In our demos with variable hscrol for each line, I skipped value 0 and only ran with 1-15 to avoid the special case. For a nice 1 pixel scroller it won't be good enough, but for a big dist it worked quite well.

It's this prod: (end part)

Notice that the overlay text had to be un-disted (love blitter shift for that) :)


move.b d5,$ffff8265.w ;hscroll
movep.l d0,0(a1) ;screenaddr

move.b d7,$ffff8260.w ;left
move.w d7,$ffff8260.w

90 nops

move.w d7,$ffff820a.w ;right
move.b d7,$ffff820a.w

17 nops

It will generate 224 byte lw. I did not try it without opening the right border, but as we're resetting screen pointer each line, I don't think it matters anything.

Anyways, it is worth testing Patrices idea to nulling the reg before screenpointer and set it after left border :)

Anders Eriksson

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