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Mystic Bytes releases Fake No Morph December 22nd, 2019
For those with hungry Falcon 060 machines finally have some fodder for it. The Silly Venture 2019 winning Atari Falcon 060 demo called 'Fake No Morph' by Mystic Bytes was released today.

Featuring code from new Falcon coder 'Lion' (previously worked on the STe demo Rise Of The Blackstorm from 2017), graphics by Piesiu and mOOnie, 3D graphics by Pyo/Plastic, soundtrack created by Siatek, ASCII by ne7 and finally support by Grey.
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DHS releases Signals music demo December 21st, 2019
Signals is a music demo with separate versions for Atari ST, STe and Falcon (with improved audio for each version). The demo contains eight tracks by Crazy Q (a.k.a. Neon Workout).

The Atari ST version features 13kHz ADPCM compressed audio streamed from hard drive while on the STe it's 25kHz and on Falcon 49kHz (MP2).

We had planned to release this much earlier, but now in time for christmas it's finally ready. Please enjoy the music and we wish you a merry christmas and a happy 2020!

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Dune releases Roc'Hell December 21st, 2019
Mic of Dune writes:


we have finally released the game we presented at the last Sillyventure party: Roc'Hell.

The project comes with:

- The game itself
- A level editor
- And all resources, including art

The game is a take on the now classic Boulder Dash but has room and art enough for a few twists.

The goal is for someone to take it over and finish it. It's still very rough around the edges (no proper menu, no music, some extra design features are missing, no proper level design etc). An STe version for instance would be great (smooth scrolling, better sounds, blitting vs movem, etc...).

We think this could be an interesting project for a small team. Meanwhile, you can always have a go at the game and enjoy what is there :)


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Silly Venture 2019 quick roundup December 8th, 2019
Anohter year, another Silly Venture.

We've heard reports of a party hall packed full with Atari guys, old and young, newbies and legends. The competitions were split up to two nights where graphics, music and wild were shown on friday and the rest on saturday.

This year the 8-bits showed who's boss. Some truly great productions there while the 16/32-bit guys were mostly still catching their breath from last years edition.

Demozoo is slowly filling up with the entries, see links below. Videos are slowly being added as well.
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New gwEm album on Bandcamp November 22nd, 2019
A new gwEm album appeared today completely produced in maxYMiser.

It's called "Break and Enter" and consists of 1990s style breakbeat tracks.
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Ultra of Cream working on development cartridge for Atari November 4th, 2019
In a break from the intense work of finishing the Heftig demo Ultra of Cream reveals a new hardware and software solution for Atari development aid.

It's a cartridge on the Atari that connects to a host PC via USB. The host can upload and execute a quite large (800k) demo in about a second. Furthermore the host can can reset the Atari between each run.

The cartridge also contains memory for the Bugaboo debugger helping to debug the code on real hardware.

The cartridge and software will be open sourced later on.
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Silly Venture 2019 video invitation October 22nd, 2019
Grey of Mystic Bytes writes:
Just to remind you, this year we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Atari Lynx handheld console at SV2k19! On this occasion we've prepared a special video-invitation :)

Have a good show!

Silly Venture 2k19 - keeping the legacy of the ATARI scene alive!

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Silly Venture invitation at Xenium September 2nd, 2019
Agenda and Lamers teamed up for a quick release at the recently held Xenium party in Poland. It's an intro for the Atari XL/XE with less than 12 kB file size called SinVitro.

Coding by Koala and Xeen, graphics by Odyn1ec, music by Aceman and finally scrolltext by Grey.
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