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Psycho Hack 2024 April 13th, 2024
Last weekend the inaugural Psycho Hack party was held in Hull, England.

We were treated with a few demos, a game and even a new version of maxYMiser as mentioned in the previous new post by gwEm.

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maxYMiser FM v1.62 April 12th, 2024
gwEm writes: writes:

At the Psycho Hack demoparty in Hull last weekend I was able to work on some bug fixes and feature requests for maxYMiser. The main changes surround features for game developers. Its now possible to trigger YM and/or DMA sound effects via the replayer. Also, the replayer now allows realtime pattern switching during playback.

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GemTos 2024 February 10th, 2024
Manu writes:

GemTos convention that will take place on May 4 and 5, 2024 in France near Paris. A big gathering of Atari machines, from the ST to the Falcon, from the 2600 to the Jaguar and even VCS, 2600+, Gamestation pro, 400... Network games (Midimaze, Lotus with 4 players), Soft,and lots of prizes to be won :-)

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SNDH 2024 released January 1st, 2024
In February last year we made our final release of the SNDH version upgrades. It became clear that waiting to clear the que of rips and fixes to do delayed released by years.

From 2024 and onward, we'll release an updated archive early each year, no matter what's in the pipeline.

There are 5589 SNDH files with a total of 11371 tunes.
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Dune planning a new game July 23rd, 2023
A few days ago Dune released a teaser video of a new Galaga inspired game for the Jaguar machine called Jalaga.

Unexepcted and fun (yes, the editor here is a big Galaga fan :))!
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Sommarhack 2023 releases July 23rd, 2023
All of the Sommarhack 2023 releases are now available to download and enjoy.
There are in total 37 entries of which 15 are demos, intros or games.

We would like to thank all our visitors, sponsors and contributors, you all rule!

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SNDH archive 4.8 released February 5th, 2023
Grazey of PHF writes:

Well 5 years late, but finally the latest (and last) SNDH update is ready. It was way back on 6th January 2018 when v4.7 was unleashed. This release features over 700 new or updated SNDH files amounting to over 1600 tunes. Highlights for this final outing include: 0913 tunes by Ultrasyd, the resurgence of Jess and your usual batch of quirky obscure curiosities. We have also updated the web-site, so from now on new SNDH’s will be available immediately. For more info please read the SNDH 4.8 read me document and the SNDH blog. Ohhhhh and there’s a tasty intro with this release from PHF – KUA – Sector 1 – Loud!


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Silly Venture 2022 Summer Edition July 13th, 2022
Grey of Mystic Bytes writes:

Dear Silly Venture participants - Both those who will physically show up at the event, and those who observe us remotely - I have to show you something ... :) But before I can write it down, a short introduction: Until the summer edition of Silly Venture 2022, to be held in the days from August 12 to August 14 remains (which is easy count) just over a month away! Almost all the details related to the event are already known and (I think I can risk such a statement) it has a good reputation among atarians all over the world. Managed to build up the brand I was working on, with few breaks since 2000!

Due to the fact that ATARI is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, an unprecedented thing happened. In a way it is a historical event and the culmination of my contribution to promoting ATARI brands in the world :) I am happy like a kid! :D

Well, the official patronage over the event was taken up by ATARI.

Yes, THIS IS NOT A JOKE! Atari has become the official patron of Silly Venture! Soon I will receive prizes for participants competitions - incl. in the form of VCS consoles! Speaking of competitions, all submitted and presented entries will be viewed by... new Atari management :) This is what happened with previous SV entries, because I was asked to send links to the entries that were submitted for competitions over the years - from VCS to the XL/XE series, ST/STe, Lynx, Falcon, and ending with Jaguar! Including... DEMOS! :) It is possible that something will attract the attention of Atari enough that it will want to start closer cooperation with an author sometime? :)

Could you imagine a better celebration of Atari's 50th anniversary? :) And that's not all! There are also many attractions waiting for us at the party itself, including a long competition marathon - traditionally a lot of entries are expected from the VCS console to the XL/XE, ST/STe series, Lynx, Falcon and Jaguar! Entries are also expected from friendly "guest" platforms (C64 and others), which SV did not exclude and will not exclude :)

Thank you all! This is our joint work! :)

At this point, I would like to mention one of the participants of the SV, who supports this year's SV in a special way - Thomas Niemann (a.k.a. Schlampf). It was he who made me believe that there is nothing impossible! Made me have a look at the entire legacy of SV from a different perspective and follow the blow - thank you for that, Thomas! <3 For your faith in SV and in me! :)

And finally, today we have an official video-invitation that encourages you to participate in both this year's SV2022 editions - summer and winter:

See you at the summer / winter edition of Silly Venture 2022!


p.s. I have one more request for you. If you are going to participate in SV (whether it's physically or remotely), or maybe you'd like to support the event by purchasing any of the tickets - do it now! This will allow me to pay off the installments related to the venue and related logistics.

Direct link to tickets:
Official Silly Venture website:

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