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Lizard by Lance

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Image data

Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:45
Display technique:Top and Lower borders + Dual interlaced images
Additional information:Megaleif 1992 compo

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s_t_s (2015-09-03) Report as spam/crap
Obviously a nice picture yet I feel like the colors are bit poorly used. 45 colours here ? Really ? I would expect more diversity in the palette then :/

evil (2015-09-10) Report as spam/crap
The way they get more colours is to interlace two pictures. That limits the colour choice a lot. It is not like they have 45 colours of any kind freely available.

Normally with this technique you work with one colour scale that is extended to a larger scale. Later updates of this technique goes further, but keep in mind that Aggression did this 20+ years ago.

s_t_s (2015-09-10) Report as spam/crap
@Evil : thanks for the technical info. Indeed you are right as interlaced only meant "extended palette" to me ;) Nothing to do with today's techniques actually.

raZen (2017-04-26) Report as spam/crap
I really like this picture.

For the first time i saw this kind of interlace technique was the Thalion game 'Leavin Teramis' in 1990.


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