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Stercus Accidit by Fit (2006)

Stercus Accidit by Fit
Playtime3min 31sec
TypeAtari Falcon 060 demo (2006)
Capture sourceAtari Falcon 060 composite video
TriviaPorted to Falcon using SDL by Insane/.tSCc.
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RA/pdx (2014-09-20)Report as spam/crap
I didn\'t like it on Amiga neither i do on Falcon.
Some average effects combined with ugly design and horrible music. Sorry to say.
Why do we need THIS demo on every platform - there are so much better ones!!!

evil (2014-10-22)Report as spam/crap
I for one like the demo quite a lot, including the music.

And nagging at people releasing something on the Falcon (port or not) in days like these seems strange.

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