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Sheer Agony cracktro by Capital Design Team & Admirables (1996)

Sheer Agony cracktro by Capital Design Team & Admirables
Playtime3min 0sec
TypeAtari ST cracktro (1996)
Capture sourceHatari 1.7.0
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Nirvana/Admirables (2015-04-24)Report as spam/crap
Heh, this brings back memories. The intro was supposed to be part of our contribution to Effect Demo at that time. For some reason I cannot remember, We provided the code to Vectronix to use in one of their cracks since I was a good friend of Metallinos. The credits are bit misleading since Capital Design Team C.D.T. was part of Admirables, like it says in the credits, but that is just details. I hated those fonts so much, but like it says in text, they used it 2 years after we provided it for them. Anyway, I did not expect to see this here.

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