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Ocean Machine by The Black Lotus (2005)

Ocean Machine by The Black Lotus
Playtime6min 21sec
TypeAtari Falcon demo (2005)
Capture sourceAtari Falcon 060/66, PAL composite video
TriviaAmiga AGA demo ported to Falcon.
The audio in the movie is extracted from the Amiga version due to problems with recording it from the Falcon (phase inversion kills one of the sound channels). And the Amiga soundtrack seems to be a bit unsynced. We need to make a new better recording some day.
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Shazz (2009-02-20)Report as spam/crap
I did not notice the stupid lyrics before :)
"La moutarde c'est fort, et c'est pour ša que c'est bon"

As always Louie's design makes the difference...


swapd0 (2012-07-02)Report as spam/crap
the voxels scenes are just A W E S O M E.

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