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Drone by Dead Hackers Society (2012)

Drone by Dead Hackers Society
Playtime4min 58sec
TypeAtari STe demo (2012)
Capture sourceHatari 1.6.2
PicDBGraphics from this prod in PicDB
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yerz (2012-07-01)Report as spam/crap
there is no such a file:

evil (2012-07-02)Report as spam/crap
There is now.

Grey (2012-07-02)Report as spam/crap

Oldskool (2012-07-02)Report as spam/crap
Very nice music and effects.
Nice pictures ( a bit scary).
What do you need more!

PeyloW (2012-07-03)Report as spam/crap
I love how the new effects have a kind of old-school vibe to them. Great work!

yerz (2012-07-04)Report as spam/crap
evil: thx dude.

all: does anybody tested it on a regular satandisk? It's too slow, I presume?

evil (2012-07-05)Report as spam/crap
yerz, as far as I remember from testing Satandisk, it was closer to floppydisk speed rather than harddisk. So no, it's much much too slow.

yerz (2012-07-07)Report as spam/crap
Evil: thanx a lot for the info. I suspected so after all.


PS: I dunno if You'd believe me, but more and more people on the forum want to buy Ultrasatan because of _this_ demo. :) Including me.


BoNuS (2012-07-29)Report as spam/crap
Very nice demo indeed and ofcourse good music !!

EdO (2012-11-10)Report as spam/crap
Dear Evl

This demo rocks ! Am really happy to see you\'re still the talented coder I knew 10 years ago ! Well done mate !


Edo ex Sector One

evil (2012-12-07)Report as spam/crap
Thanks Edo :)

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