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Antiques by Dune & Sector One (2012)

Antiques by Dune & Sector One
Playtime13min 50sec
TypeAtari STe demo (2012)
Capture sourceAtari STe composite video
TriviaSome bugs on my STe in the greetings screen (same with Hatari 1.6.2-development version)
PicDBGraphics from this prod in PicDB



PeP (2012-04-07) 
200% awesome

s!nk (2012-04-07) 
Superb, sure it's a classic now! ;)

dan (2012-04-07) 
wow! Stylish overall look, cute grafix, fitting music, extra ordinary effects on a st, a guest appearance by TEX! Can it get much better?

pirx (2012-04-08) 
kewl like hell

AdamK (2012-04-10) 
Finally :) I see some slight differences to the party version.

maSTEr (2012-04-10) 

Daniel (New Beat) (2012-04-14) 
Absolutely wonderful. I will have to look at this again on my Atari ST.

ZWF/PDX (2012-04-21) 
Great demo ! Thank you Dune & Sector One for this once again inspiring work ! Esp. Mics gfx is standing out here for me.

Hylst (2012-04-26) 
This so cool frenchy demo made my day ! =) So many wonderful gfx by Mic ! Sweet Musics =) Fine design and many cool & original effects ! Great work Guys !! Thanks !

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