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Appendix (party version) by Dead Hackers Society (HD) (2010)

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Appendix (party version) by Dead Hackers Society (HD)
Playtime3min 32sec
TypeAtari STe demo (2010)
Capture sourceHatari 1.5
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Techwave (2010-07-05)Report as spam/crap
"Megascrollers are forever!!!" Amen! Likt it! Alot! Good work dudes!

Bandsaw (2010-07-21)Report as spam/crap
Very nice

Beetle (2010-08-24)Report as spam/crap
Nice "Display List" effect, hehe!
Thumbs up :)

Drupi77 (2010-11-23)Report as spam/crap
Very nice. Good sound.

PeP (2012-01-08)Report as spam/crap
End part made me shit bricks.

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