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Dans Lustiges Kinderfest Invite by Lazer (1994)

Dans Lustiges Kinderfest Invite by Lazer
Playtime1min 39sec
TypeAtari Falcon invite intro (1994)
Capture sourceAtari Falcon 030/16, PAL composite video
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Dan (2009-02-16)Report as spam/crap
hehehe, crappy but cool! This was just for the fun of it. Remembers me of a really good time with Lazer in vieanna. Together with this piece of stax music, the motto for the party was born! We were sooooo young and foolish! The partyplace i chose in cologne really sucked, because we couldnīt pump up the volume. The neighbours called the police. :(

Samurai (2010-12-27)Report as spam/crap
Oh, hell yes. That party was truly something different :) Cool people, shitty neighbours and The Mugwumps hacking some 3D shutter glasses from SGI for the Falcon030. *sigh* Good old times...

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