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Re: wietze
Posted by: Karl Frenzel Apr,29.2019-23:09 

Come on, Carsten,

You can do much better than this.

You have seriously produced a lot of good stuff on our favourite Atari systems over the years, demos that we have all loved and continue to show much love to.

You need to try to deal with your depression stuffs once and for all, and I know from personal experience that this can be hard but at least, when you are in a position to be free of those things; counselling can certainly help in these situations, and I urge you as a friend to seek this.

This is not the Defjam we knew. The Defjam / Carsten we knew was the infamous Symposium Sleeper back in 1996. The Defjam we knew was the guy who was a decent guy who helped to show us around in Dresden at the Error in Line classic parties which were held then. The EIL parties in themselves were seriously the best experiences we'd ever had - and you should personally take credit for this when releasing your earlier demos there or even just being there as an Atari scener.

Please stop slagging people off within the Atari demoscene for no real reason. You need help, my friend, and there are those of us who can help you if required. We don't want to see you going down this road and ultimately want our original Defjam / Checkpoint back, but that may not happen without our help and the help of the equivalent of a health service. We can and will support you on this.

Take care Defjam, we want you back as you were and I'm sure we'll get there. With help being offered, this kind of thing is hoping to cease as of now.

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