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DHS.NU news article
Quake 2 on Falcon DSP June 16th, 2015
Some of you may have been following the progress of dml's effort to create a Quake 2-engine for a standard Falcon using the DSP to it's fullest. What quite frankly sounded like a silly idea from the beginning.

The first rude line-vector testings of the Quake 2 code sort of illustrated why it all sounded silly. But every now and then, a new test-video was uploaded showing better quality rendering and along with that also better refresh rates, how often do we get that these days?!

Now, about ten months from the earliest test, dml have released a binary that can be run on a real Falcon for everyone to try out. What you have here is nothing but a revelation that will show what the Falcon with DSP utilized almost to the max can do.

The Quake 2 DSP engine renders perspective correct polygons with colour-lightmaps, skymaps and what we understand circa 700 polygons in a normal frame. It's unprecedented for the Falcon to do these things without using an accelerator card.

Hats off to Doug!
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