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Update between major events November 7th, 2021
It's been a couple of months since we got a lot of new releases at the Silly Venture 2020+1 SE. The next Silly Venture is due in just a few weeks and with some luck we'll be treated with some goodies again.

In the interim we've seen a couple of surprise releases at parties that usually don't get much Atari love.

First up at Deadline 2021 in Berlin, Rabenauge released a music demo titled Chipo Django #1 for the Amiga 500 containing a bunch of "chip"-Protracker modules. As Insane of .tSCc. is involved, he also released a version for the Atari STe (with Falcon compatibility on RGB screens) playing the same modules using Leonards Paula emulator. It's a nice set of modules to enjoy.

Then Assembly 2021 'Creative Tech' party recently had a surprise Atari Falcon demo from Extream called Trippus Lunaticus. It's probably their most polished Falcon demo to date with very good music, as has become to norm from Extream (hey guys, we need a music demo!). Awesome stuff Emphii, Mace and the rest of the gang, highly appreciated!

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The EXTREAM demo indeed came as a surpris and such a nice one! Not to forget that the demo ranked 1st at Assembly Creative Tech in the combined demo compo. Hats up guys!

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