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Sommarhack 2021 roundup July 13th, 2021
It's now a couple of days after the online-party ended.
We've had time to upload, record and get stuff in place for everyone to download.

In total we streamed a bit over thirteen hours over the course of three days. Amazingly, there were no major hiccups this time around. The hardware worked, the software worked and no glitch from Twitch side what we could tell. Some times miracles happen as it would seem.

I'd like to thank everyone who watched the stream, the contributors to the competitions and especially the people who helped with the organizing and doing content for the stream; Et, Daniel, Anders, spkr, Grazey, Il Professore, gwEm and of course Crazy Q for doing a huge job with the music, jingles, documentary and the concert. Much love Q!

All entries are now available for download from Demozoo including recordings of all demos, intros and music entries, check links below.

Now we're hoping that Sommarhack 2022 (July 8-10) will finally be back to normal. See you then!

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sorry for the late message, but thank you all for a great online party! Really great stuff.

Thanks sts and mikro for pointing out the error, fixed :)
Took a while as I've been away on vacation.

I think you meant "Sommarhack 2022" :)

Thank you for putting up another great demo party. Yet in your final sentence I think that you meant 2022 and not 2021. :)

Crazy Q2021-07-14

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