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Showing news from 2004-01-01 to 2004-12-31
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New Dungeon Master clone released for the ST December 29th, 2004
A Dungeon Master clone, begun in 1989, continues in 1992 and finished in 2004. Yes, it's time for more resurrected projects.

Multi-talented frenchie Kermel Laurent have released a six-level version of his latest game entitles 'Wiliness III'. The game is, as described a Dungeon Master inspired game. By looking at the screenshots, it seems very promising, with graphics which probably takes the original Dungeon Master out for a run.
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News roundup December 29th, 2004
Ok, here's a little roundup of small things we've missed the past few days.

First up is a little intro from The Beasts Crew, cleverly entitled 'TS1'. It's a christmas intro with a picture, scoller, some rasters and a small tune.

Secondly, we have a fake demo, which seems to be originating from Sector One and Paradize, programmed in GFA Basic. It's called 'Kro'. It competed in the 'worst' demo competition at the Crau party 2004.

Thirdly, the beasts are here again with (yet) another intro. This time featuring rasters, scrollers and a duck sprite. Their naming originality reaches new heights with the title of 'TBC11'.

And lastly, today gwEm submitted a fixed version of his online compo intro (maxYMiser - the directors cut) and the SNDH file of the same track. The updated files shouldn't crash any longer.

You can download the lot of the files below.
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Foundation 2 releases new Falcon game December 27th, 2004
Foundation Two from germany just released a new game for the Falcon titled 'Ausbruch'. It was previously shown at the Outline party under the working title of STeinbruch.

The game is coded by Mad Butscher with graphics by Cerror and music by Lotek Style.
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Satantronic releases Christmas intro December 24th, 2004
Jookie of Satantronic has released a small intro for ST, STe and Falcon with some christmas greetings, music and graphics.

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STU releases STream vol. 2 December 24th, 2004
STU / Drop Da Bomb, whoms first MusicMon 2 SID tunes we could hear in the release of the tracker today, has just lauched a new massive YM-release. It's a web-stream with 2x30minutes of music. Yes you read right, one full hour of YM godness!

The tracks are mixed into two tape sides with some very various styles, excellent stuff all over! The tracks are, not too surpricingly, using the new MusicMon 2 SID features.

Direct mp3-links added for those without m3u players.
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Paradox releases new STe-demo December 24th, 2004
Very unexpectedly, our news article submit just flashed up and it seems like Santa turned our way this christmas.

A new STe-demo from Paradox was just released, entitled 'XMAS-2004'. The demo is made by Paranoid, RA, Zweckform and 505. Paradox says the demo works on Falcon/RGB but recomends an STe for best results.
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Dark Angel of Aura releases MusicMon 2 SID December 24th, 2004
As promised a few days ago, the upgraded version of the classic chiptracker MusicMon 2 is now available.

The new version, dubbed MusicMon 2 SID, features tripple sidvoices in combination with digidrums, something only older versions of Sid Sound Designer pulled off before (as far as I'm aware anyway).

For all ST chip musicans, this is a very nice christmas present! Some demo-tunes from Dark Angel and STU are included as well.
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gwEm releases YM-redirection tool December 21st, 2004
gwEm writes:

Nemo and gwEm present you with a little christmas stocking filler.

This application detects Falcon external DSP clocks (thanks to ST Ghost) and directs the audio matrix to use this clock and an external output (SP-DIF, FA-8 etc etc) with the YM chip sound output.

This gives superb recording quality, and it tested compatible with all popular chip sound applications that run on falcon.

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Paradize releases palette generating tool December 11th, 2004
Simon Sunnyboy of Paradize:

Today Paradize released a small tool for precalculating picture fading effects on STE. You can fade pictures to black, white, fade them back in and fade them to custom colors. The resulting fading can be saved as a block of ready-to-use step-by-step palettes saving you from the hazzle of reinventing the wheel by coding a yet-another fading routine.

Currently uncompressed DEGAS pictures and NEOCHROME pictures are supported.

The Fade Calculator always calculates STE fadings but the results are fully STFM compatible, only a bit rougher.

The tool works on Atari STFM/STE and Falcon 030 in ST-LOW and example sources in 68000 assembly and GFABASIC are included.

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Paradize website December 7th, 2004
Simon Sunnyboy of Paradize writes:

The Paradize website has been updated.
You can find all contributions by Paradize to the 10 year DHS anniversary compo here as well as a small commented gallery with pictures of Paradize members and friends at Paracon 6.
The Paracon 6 pictures were made by Charon/Escape and are used with kind permission!

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The Beasts releases multipart demo December 7th, 2004
The Beasts, known from their infamous intros which all seems to be a copy of the other, has released another intro. Well, surprice surprice, this time it's not a single-screen any more, but rather some sort of multipart (you have to press space between screens).

Very minimalistic graphics, coding and music style. Something for the ones who can only tolerate total oldskool.
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Dark Angel of Aura updates ancient music editor! December 6th, 2004
The classic ST-composer and creator of Musicmon series of chipeditors, Dark Angel of Aura, annouces the upcoming release of Musicmon II SID.

The new version of Musicmon II will feature the following:
SID-voices on all 3 Channels simulteiously
Better compatibility with Falcon, Mega STE, etc.
Backwards compatible with Music-Mon 1.0 and 2.0
Dark Angel annouces that the new version of Musicmon II SID will be available for download here at on December 24! A nice christmas present for all chip musicans!
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Laresistance releases invite intro for Sillyventure 2004 December 5th, 2004
Despite we normally doesn't do 8-bit news here, we'll do an exception for a very nice invite intro for the forthcoming Silly Venture party in Gdansk, Poland which takes place 17-19 december, 2004.

The intro looks very nice, and has neat and clean design. Well worth a download !
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Paulo Simoes releases new ST-screen December 5th, 2004
Paulo Simoes, most known for the classic Overscan Demos has released a new screen for the ST. In good old tradition, it's another fullscreen. This time cramming in some quite technical things, such as an 8-channel module playing at 15kHz, lots of sprites and more, on plain ST of course.
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Quick & Silva remix soundclip December 5th, 2004
The upcoming commercial remix audio-cd of classic Atari ST tunes has now got an estimated release date: March 15, 2005.

Along with the estimated release-date we can now download a clip from a second remixed tune; Quick & Silva (original by Chris Hülsbeck).

In my own humble opinion, this one sounds alot better than the last clip (of a scavenger tune). But unfortenly still has some cheesy voice-samples..
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Grazey releases massive SNDH pack! November 29th, 2004
Grazey writes:

1990-1 was the year when I released my first music rip disk on the ST (GZH #1). 14 years later the series concludes with disks 37, 38 and 39. The most striking thing about this release is the definitive Mad Max collection (459 tunes)... now also nicely linked (e.g. 29 Turrican 2 tunes in one SNDH file) and Falcon/CT60(!) compatible.

On disk 39 you'll find my full SNDH list... I never realised I'd converted so many tunes... 2264 SNDH files euating to 4855 tunes.

see you

Grz of the P(-)F ?

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Quick Paracon report November 22nd, 2004
Paranoid of Paradox wrote a small after-part report on our bulletin, reproduced here with permission.

I just came home from cleaning up the location and packing everything up - Looks like all other fellows are still in transit. :-)

Personally, i enjoyed it a lot. The atmosphere was really great, many people were being productive, we had a look on new Atari ST games, saw some of Earx' and Ray's curent doings, had some nice breakfast and in the end, Paranoia returned to an active state! They may have stopped doing demos, but now they make movies instead.
More details to follow ...

To sum it up, i think it was a success, and from what people told us, they were enjoying it, too - which is the most important thing.

The Paranoid

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Unlimited Matricks returns with new Atari release November 19th, 2004
Old overscan-mad Gunstick of the ULM has returned with a new ST-release. As you've already watched the thumbnail you know what it is about.. Yep, another 16x16 2 bitplane sprite screen. With 238 sprites, it is not beating Leonards latest record..

It's nice to see old heroes returning, but hopefully we will see something else than a 16x16 screen later on? Cross your fingers, toes and hairs!
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Password to Leonards 16x16 screen November 15th, 2004
As promised, the password for Leonards 16x16 screen he released last summer was passed to the public today. With this password you'll be able to see his (new) record of 268 sprites rather than his previous 220 and phantoms recent 221.

So, what is the password?
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Paracon 6 invite intro November 13th, 2004
Paranoid of Paradox have released the Paracon 6 invite (reminder) early this morning, with all this para going on, we'd expect some paranormal atari-activities at the party!

But back tot he release; it's a fine for ST-Falcon machines featuring tracker music and some good c2p effects and nice graphics.
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Exiting news: 221 instead of 220 sprites! November 11th, 2004
The club of interest is noticing:

A new screen with 16x16 2bpl sprites has been released. This time showing 221 of them, rather than the previous best of 220. A day of glory and exitement for the Atari community.

The 221-sprite screen was coded by Phantom. And has beaten Leonards previous record. We fear that a revenge is due.
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Mini-report from a mini-party November 6th, 2004
Over the past weekend (nov 5-7) DHS arranged a small coding party in Falun Sweden called Falun Coding Konvention. We had expected around ten persons to arrive, and in the end eighteen persons showed up, which I guess can be considered 'well done'.

Among the guests we saw a big DHS lineup for the first time in a long time, Timbral, Dafvid, Loke, Crazy Q, Gizmo and Evil showed up. From other crews Deez of Evolution, Thomas and Freeco of New Beat, Robertk, Ajje and Ham of IMPonance, a new Jaguar developer called Jonas, Eliminator and friend from Psikorp were seen.

The party was quite active, Thomas were coding on the ACE replayer to something that could very well be 'the' version which will be released. Good stuff! Deez were coding on a 96k intro for the compo, and so were Gizmo of DHS. On a semi-atari related note Loke of DHS finished a native Aqua port of the SC68 replayer for MacOSX (which is capable of playing SNDH!), and it will be released in a few days.

All in all the party went pretty well, with guests as far away as england and spread around in sweden (stockholm, gothenburg, karlstad and so on).
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D-Bug #185 released November 2nd, 2004
Showaddywaddy writes:

Over 6 Months since the last one... and judging by the quality it'll be another 6 months until the next! Only the nice intro by CJ and the previously uncracked Gremlin game keep it floating above the stench in the sewer.

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Sillyventure site opens November 1st, 2004
505 writes:

The Silliventure 2k4 party is a demoparty for the Atari platform taking place this December in Gdansk, Poland. It is open for all Atari systems. You can read more details on the related website.

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YM Rockerz reveals plans for new music demo October 29th, 2004
CiH writes:

The YM-Rockerz forthcoming next collection has a name. It will be called "tYMewarp".

According to the YM Rockerz support site, tunes are being collected, and the shell and graphics are on the way.

This should be special and cool, like all the previous YM-Rockerz label stuff! Can we hope for an early Xmas present?

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maxYMiser examples October 28th, 2004
gwEm has released two short demo-loops of his YM-tracker to come called 'MaxYMiser'. The example loops shows off what the tracker can do on one channel, where one of the loops really does sound like two or more.

gwEm tells us the tracker will be released further on, and it will be open source. Something to wait for!
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Old MJJ Prod demo resurrected October 25th, 2004
Mr Fuji writes:

An old demo coded by Tobe of MJJ Prod was recently resurrected and released. It is for STe and is coded in GFA Basic.

It features text zoomers, circle-sprites, tunnels etc.

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Yet another 16x16 sprite screen October 25th, 2004
When we thought boredom was over, we're hit with another 16x16 sprite screen. Amazing!

Mr Fuji writes:

This is not an attempt to break leonards sprite record, it doesn't follow the rules. But nonetheless it has 250 sprites, which is a good number. Phantom/V-Max who coded this one is also working on a version following the rules.

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Lineout releases CT60 VLM System October 10th, 2004
Earx of Lineout has released a new Virtual Light Machine system for the CT60 (or other powerful accelerators) today. The VLM comes with a miniwhip-style coding inviornment for coders who wants to use the background engine.

Earx writes:

A preview of the forthcoming virtual light machine, primarily intended for ct60, is released. It can play some plugins from the famous whip! Program, but it can also run new style plugins. A few of these are supplied.

Have fun!

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Falun Coding Konvention October 9th, 2004
The plans of a new Atari party (small size) in Sweden was brought to public earlier today. The party is about kicking the swedish Atari-scene into activity again (may or may it not suceed, it's worth a try!).

The party is held in Falun, Dalarna, Sweden, about mid-country with about two hours travel from Stockholm and six hours from Gothenburg.

Check the link below for more infos and a little invite intro.
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ACE Midi v1.10 released October 7th, 2004
Nemo writes:

ACE Midi Version 1.10 Released

Thomas of Newbeat has released a new version of ACE Midi. Here's the overview of fixes and features for this version:

Update: Mono/Poly-mode was implemented.
Update: Portamento was implemented.
Update: The sound engine was improved to work better with accelerators (for example AB40 and CT60).
Update: All interface graphics were converted to loose IFF files.
Update: Interface graphics were updated.
Update: Mouse acceleration and screen saver settings were moved to the MASTER section and are now saved in the master configuration file.
Update: A small window displaying the names of the currently loaded samples was implemented.
Update: The oscillator OFFSET parameter is now enabled in all mix modes.
Update: A small indicator was implemented in the MASTER section, displaying current number of voices in use.
Update: Parts of the final volume calculations were moved from CPU to DSP to improve accuracy.
Update: The filter tables were optimized to take less space in memory.
Update: Maximum number of voices possible increased to 20.
Bug fixed: Effects settings in the MASTER section was not always updated as they should have.

The new version was sent out to registered users via e-mail. Otherwise it's possible to log in to the Newbeat site and download it there as well as the updated manual. Good work!

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New Falcon game by Cerebral Vortex. October 7th, 2004
Mr Fuji writes:

A preview intro of an upcoming game made by Cerebral Vortex is released. The game will be galled Poong.

This demo of the intro will only run on RGB/TV monitors.

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Logitron games becomes free October 7th, 2004
Mr Fuji writes:

Oldtime Atari games developer has released their ST and Falcon games as freeware, more exactly abandonware.

You can download the games from the link, but unfortenly the site is in french, but the games are in english.

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Gem Candy compo October 7th, 2004
Dan writes:

The time of year has come again to look towards the annual programming competition. We had some amazing entries last year. Hopefully we can all encourage past participants to join up again and maybe attract a few more people. Rules will stand as last year.

Deadline: 24:00 GMT December 28th

It runs in GEM in any resolution. - by this it just means that any resolution is acceptable. Not that it has to run in any resolution. An example would be that it might need at least 640x400 to run.

It can be a game or toy.
- I think you all know what a game is, a Toy is something that serves no purpose but to entertain. There are no goals, scores, etc.

No theme this year.

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P.H.F. releases a new pack of SNDH September 22nd, 2004
Grazey of the P.H.F. has released another disk with ripped chipmusic files in SNDH-format.

Grazey writes:

Quite an effort with this disk... 27! composers, with some new unheard stuff like Spector, Illusion and Das.

Also some heavy fixing was involved especially with the Jess , Docland and Nexus 6 tunes.

Anyway, the end is near, just the Mad Max archive awaits. The good news is that I've already SNDH'd all his tunes now all I need to do it knock up an intro.


157 SNDH files

Composers :-
Ben Daglish
Jeremy Das
Chris Denman
Paul Lorraine
Dave Lowe
Nexus 6
Rude Kid
Chris Scudds

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Round things going around and round. September 12th, 2004
Okay, another sprite record, another gasp.. This one has 500 sprites, in three planes rather than the usual 200-300 in two planes. So where's the catch? It's one of those 'unlimited spites (plus clearing)' with cycling screen bufffers. So it's not compilant for the Leonards sprite compo.
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gwEm releases DJ-tool for Atari ST chipmusic September 7th, 2004
gwEm, mostly known from Ym Rockerz and the SNDH-conversion utilities have released a very unique and cool tool:

A special SNDH-player aimed for DJ performances. The util is called 'STJ' and you'll need two ST's to operate it.

This opens a new world for those who uses the ST for live performances, very good initiative gwEm!

gwEm writes:

Here is my SNDH player software for Atari ST. It is different from normal player software, having a selection of play functions specifically for DJs such as:

Fast cueing
Fast track load
Tempo adjustment

Code/design - gwEm
Title GFX - STSurvivor

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Grazey releases zak hacks #35 September 4th, 2004
Grazey of the PHF has released another disk with many many SNDH-files for your listening pleasure.

Composers this time are:
Steve Barret
Jas C Brooke
Crazy Q
Lotek Style
David Whittaker
And some fixes from earlier disks ((Mark Cooksey, Scavenger, David Whittaker and Matt Furniss).
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First DHS release by Crazy Q August 25th, 2004
We're happy to announce that our newest member Crazy Q has released his first thing in the DHS label.

It's a disk with samples aimed for chiptrackers with digidrum feature or normal soundtrackers. Samples from the following beatboxes are included:

Oberheim DMX
Linn LM-1
Korg DDD-1
Emu SP-12
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909

The samples are in 8-bit mono format at 12229Hz frequency. Included on the disk is a tiny intro as well with an original triplex track from Crazy Q.
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Oxygene opens coding compatibility page August 16th, 2004
Leonard of Oxygene has opened a web page describing how to code ST-demos to be compatible with any ST, STe, MegaSTe, TT, Falcon and CT60.

The article focuses on bootfloppy demos and includes some example code.
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Paradize starts GFA Basic tutorial August 13th, 2004
Simon Sunnyboy of Paradize writes:

I've begun the project of a generic GFABASIC tutorial.
It will teach the basics of GFABASIC, how to operate and how to handle its various commands. The current state is a rather simple webpage. I do not make it a complex page. It should stay as simple as it is and I'll probably make it downloadable chapter wise.
A basic first chapter with an introduction into the interpreter and the editor is ready.

This is work in progress so stay tuned!
Any comments welcome!

I hope it does help the community and I hope it will add a few more coders to the Atari ST scene.

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Lonely 16/32-bit Quast entry August 9th, 2004
As you might have noticed, the Quast Atari-party in Poland were held a week ago, and gave us some really, really cool Atari 8-bit demos (if you havn't seen them, go do so now!).

But as we've seen the last few years, Quast 16/32-bit support has really dropped far down. No change this summer, one lonely intro from Satantronic was released. A 64k-intro for ST coded by Jookie of Satantronic. Features a c2p tunnel effect and (I belive) original music.
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MJJ Prod releases 'new' game August 9th, 2004
Coder Steph of MJJ Prod found a game he made some years ago. Which he has now released. It's a minesweeper clone called Minefield.

Should work with any ST/STe, music by Jedi / Sector One.
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X-Troll goes into archaeology mode August 9th, 2004
The guys of X-Troll has just released a (very-very) old demo, called 'The Longscreen'. Longscreen was initially made in 1988 (!) but due to missing data-disks it was never released, until now that is.

The demo scrolls alot of images in one frame while loading from floppy. It can hold 40 images per floppy. This version is slightly patched and a data-disk builder is included, as a bonus the sourcecode is also included. Works with ST/STe and TOS v1.x

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dhs[.nu] round-up August 6th, 2004
This is a breif round-up of the latest happenings at DHS and a small party report from Little Computer People 2004.

Ok, we decided a couple of weeks ago that we'd check out the Little Computer People demo party this summer. It's a party for C64 and they wanna expand to every other -old- computer formats. They had arrangend compos for demo, music and graphics, in two categories; c64 and 'others'. That was probably a wise thing to do all things considered. We arrived just when the party opened on friday 30/7, and could select a good place which didn't seem to get very jammed during the party (oh boy we were wrong).

We packed up our Falcons, and just from the start a lot of people started looking strange at our monitors with those unfamiliar desktops and editors (thing/qed). People asked what on earth these things are, and we just said it's an Atari.. 'uhmm.. isn't that desktop green?'. Ahh well, the same question came a few dozen times, but very nice to see so many people being interested. Not only by the desktop colour, but also about the hardware, the OS and if there are new demos still being made.

As time go by, other well known Atari guys drop in, Crazy Q and Nerve to be precise. Also Mermaid of Creators and Dbug II fom NeXT shows up in the car with Nerve. The place fills up until there are close to no space left. Loads of C64's. More than I've seen at once before. Pretty cool, after all these guys bring their real machines and code them. No emushit.

The party is oldskool, not only so by the machines of choice, but also the way it is organised. Get a place, tables, chairs and pack as many people os possible there. Proper sleeping places, showers, food orders etc are as long away as it can be. No EIL luxury here, it's back to basics, like I remember parties from 80's and beginning of the 90's. But let's face it.. We're growing old and getting lazy, comfortable and frankly used to better standards. So I would recomend future visitors to get a cheap hotel or so to sleep at. Luckily we had a few friends living in the town so we could crash and clean up there (huge thanks to TAM/Toys and JAG/DTVM for their excellent housing and Ajje/IMP for the taxi service!).

Ok, saturday night, compo time. We're desperately trying to get a demo ready for showing in the compo. Coding and coding and... compo! Rats! If we had got just another eight hours and.. ahh well. Thanks alot to Mermaid and Crazy Q for delivering goods of unparallaed quality for the demo. We will finish it post-party instead. Music compos begins in the 'other' category. _REALLY_ good stuff here, the Gameboy and NES stuff were amazing. Well, what shouldn't happen, then happens. Crazy Q's tune had been forgotten from the voting disks and were not going to be played. After some quarrels, the organisers hook up an STe to the mixer and runs Crazys funky tune anyways, huge applause! Triplex sounds great as always, even if the sound system wasn't very dynamic. The organisers tell everyone that they can vote for the Atari song by writing notes and hand in somewhere. Ok, too bad for Crazy Q one might have thought, but these guys are serious for the most part and actually do paper-voting aside the normal disk stuff. Crazy Q ends up in first place! Hey Damo, you have to get this tracker out officially soon, it kicks ass :-)

One more compo with a bit of Atari-prospect was the 'other' Demo compo which had a demo by DbugII/NeXT (aka Dbug/Defence Force). As we have grown to learn (and accept..) Dbug has put his coding energy into the Oric 8-bit computer. Once again showing a long demo featuring checkerboard zoomers, scrollers, mandelbrot zoomer and more. Really cool 8bit stuff, pleaaase come back to the ST ;)

The other compos were rather uninteresting Atari-wise but had some quality stuff, especially the C64 demo compo had a few good ones.

That ends the party report and we're heading back to post-party and why this article is nearly a week late. Well, sometime shit happens, and this summer it did really happen. On the way back home from LCP I got a terrible pain in the stomach area and had to visit the hospital. Luckily it wasn't terribly bad, the appendix had to be taken away. But still this gets you down some time, and right now I'm at home again, slowly recovering.

That means our little LCP demo is delayed and this site will not be updated on the spot when something arrives. Sorry about that, but that's how things are at the moment.

For example, Leonard mailed me a few days ago about a new online-compo, and there's no news article yet. I am not doing some sort of boycott if somebody thought so, it's all about energy, and for now this small notice here and the link below will have to do. I hope you will understand, and have patience. The little DHS/Creators demo will arrive when things are back to normal.

And to end this text with the best news: DHS got a new musican! Crazy Q joined up the other day and we're very happy to recruit talented lonely Atari sceners in sweden :)
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P.H.F. are back once again. July 26th, 2004
I don't know what's going on with people this summer, perhaps they've got good air conditioners these days and stay at home coding? Anyway we're getting even more great chiptunes ripped and SNDH-converted by Grazey of the P.H.F.

Grazey writes:

The onslaught continues.

Quality hits new levels with the SID
sound master... Scavenger! 66 tunes
grace this disk including Chipmon2
zaks never SNDH'-able(?!) before.

The scavenge director is awaiting.

Complete list of composers on Grazeys Zak Hacks #34:

Drax/Bodenstandig 2000

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Old demo upgraded to work with STe July 26th, 2004
An old demo called 'Overscan demos' has been upgraded to work with STe-shifters. The demo is about doing various stuff in overscan such as spectrum 512 piccies.
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BSW releases DCD #100b July 26th, 2004
Only a few days since BSW released DCD #100a they are now out with #100b as well. Again focusing on games rather than demos.

Included stuff this time are common scene-made games such as Santafly, Mine-Sweeper and Lombric.
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.tSCc. releases updated Wolf3D engine for ST July 23rd, 2004
Ray of .tSCc. released a new version of his popular rewrite of Wolfenstein 3D for the ST.

Wolf3D v0.4 improvements include:

Improvements in speed (optimized chunky-to-planar routine and resizing of the game window)
A 256-colour intro picture from the Apple IIGS version of Wolf
Static objects, which is a major step towards a complete game
Less memory useage (again, the chunky-to-planar optimizing is to thank)

As always, Rays Wolf3D runs on any ST/STe/Falcon or TT.
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BSW #100a released July 23rd, 2004
Shortly after the previous DCD compilations from BSW, here comes yet another one. DCD #100A contains the following:

Godpey by Reservoir Gods
Chu Chu Rocket lite by Reservoir Gods
Jet Set Willy by ?
Wolf3d ST preview v0.3 by .tSCc.
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P.H.F. releases Grazeys Zak Hacks #32 and #33 July 22nd, 2004
Grazey of the P.H.F. just released two new disks with ripped chipmusic from the ST. As usual, the tunes are converted into SNDH format.

Composers of #32:


Composers of #33:


Grazey writes about #33:

GZH 33 - 4 Composers
144 SNDH files

Ok here's the first biggie and quality is certainly the relevant word here!

137 marvellous Tao compositions cram this disk. From the tiny 900 byte tunes to the massive 20 minute UMD 8730 epic. Quite a few of these tunes have been modified to fit in with the SNDH standard. Just Buggin tunes all used nasty shadow regs. Tao's sample drum songs also needed to be changed to use other MFP timers.

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BSW makes comeback with demo compilations July 15th, 2004
The Byte of BSW (more known from The Chaos Engine) has returned with a couple of demo compact disks under the BSW label.

First up is a re-release of BSW DCD #80, with demos and intros by for example YM Rockerz, Diamond Design and Synergy. Secondly BSW DCD #99, a new disk with stuff from .tSCc., Ym Rockerz again, MJJ Prod and Paradize.

Now lets hope for some new real intro or demo from The Byte and company.
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ASMA v2.8 released July 15th, 2004
It's been a while, but today the ASMA Pokey music collection was updated to version 2.8.

The update brings seventy new tracks to the catalogue, which now consist of 1840 SAP files.
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Grayscale music compo contribs ready for download! July 13th, 2004
The time has come to vote in the Grayscale music compo (XL/XE Pokey music). There are eleven tracks to download in native format and SAP format.

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MPlayer v1.0pre4 ported to Atari/CT60 July 13th, 2004
One of the better video players for Linux called MPlayer has been ported to Atari SDL. The port is made by Didier Méquignon, known for Aniplayer and his CT60 FlashROM and utilities. With MPlayer we can now read datas off DVD's (not yet encryped DVD's, an Extendos upgrade is needed and planned to take care of that).

The system requirements are hefty to say the least; 100MHz CT60 is a minimum spec machine to handle this :)

The application works together with (Free)MiNT and MagiC in a GEM-window or fullscreen mode.
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Forgotten Outline entry now available July 13th, 2004
The 128-byte intro from Gwem which was shown at Outline 2004 is now available at the Outline 2004 download page.

The intro is called 'Matrix' and also comes in a 'Reloaded' version which wasn't shown at the party. The intro runs from ST-LOW and works with any ST/STe.
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Gwems SNDH converter updated. July 13th, 2004
A new release of the great SNDH converting utility wes released by Gwem today. The main change is support for larger MusicMon 2 files, so musicans can now fit a lot of samples without any problem.
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Open Source gaming galore! July 12th, 2004
Gildor, who brought you the Yeti3D engine port to Atari continues his porting frenezy. We've gotten no less than four complete games ported from other platforms to the Atari. Ok ok, which ones? Here goes..
Wolfenstein 3D
Ported from the orginal, so everything's there as it should be. Demo levels included in the archive.

Spear of Destiny
A Wolfenstein 3D spin-off, very similar but differnt levels and some new stuff (textures with transparency for instance).

Well the name says it all really. You need a 25MHz bus for this one, or a SuperVidel; it needs 640x480 16bit hicolour graphics.

A remake of an old Atari classic game. This one also needs 25MHz bus or a SuperVidel, same reasons as above.

Well as a little bonus, an updated version of the Yeti3D engine, now with better lowres mode (centered graphics etc).

These portings are all using the latest SDL versions, so they should be using the fast C2P routines from Mikael Kalms/TBL. Gildor also tells us that the games runs _much_ better in MiNT than TOS (MagiC untested).
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Yeti 3D-engine ported to Atari July 9th, 2004
An open source 3D-engine that has been in development for a while have been ported to Atari by Gildor. The 3D-engine is aimed for games ala-Quake.

There are two small demos available (user interactive, but no game play as this is only an engine and not a game). The demo runs pretty well on CT60 with the lower resolution and half-alright in the higher res.

It's pretty obvious that some precision problems occours due to lack for floating point texturemapping, so some areas seem to 'float' away. Still a good example of open source and Atari in combination that works well.

The port is made with GCC in FreeMiNT, but also runs equally well in TOS.
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NAS 2004 this coming weekend.. July 6th, 2004
Nordic Atari Show will run this coming weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden. Unlike earlier years, this is a one-day show only, and without any 'scene' party going on.

However, the guys of Nature should be there showing their latest efforts on the SuperVidel and their new 100Mbit/s CT60 network card 'EtherNat'.

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IMParty 18 finished July 6th, 2004
A small quick report from IMParty 18, held in Sweden July 1-4.

As any IMParty, this one was placed in the microscoptic town of Grängesberg, located about 200km north-west of Stockholm. The usual suspects arrived, including people from Evolution, Aggression, Atari.Org, IMPonance, DHS, NoCrew and T.O.Y.S. Missing this year were sadly New Beat.

To make up for the loss of ACE 060 being shown, special guests Ephidrena from Norway showed up with their Falcons.

The IMPartys are no real scene events, it's a relaxation party with some Ataris and some coding going on. There are no compos or such. Perhaps this could change in the future? In total about 30 persons showed up, with seven CT60's in action and some standard Falcons/STe's.

For a small movie shot at IMParty 18 (MPEG-4 3.5min long), check the link below, and find your way to the 'media' page.

Thanks to IMPonance for arranging the party, it was fun and relaxing, as should an IMParty be.
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Bold upgraded to v1.1b June 20th, 2004
A new version of Bold, the newly released side-scrolling shoot'em up has been upgraded to a more mature version with less (speed) bugs.

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Atariforum demo available June 17th, 2004
A long time ago, a demo/intro competition started at the, a few minutes ago the resulting megademo (not a multipart as was misleadingly told at some places) was made available. It's a classic style with a menu and screens of various quality.

Crews involved includes Paradize, MJJ Prod, Cerebral Vortex and more.
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Grazeys Zak Hacks #30 released June 16th, 2004
Grazey of the PHF writes:

107 more SNDH files this time. Including some quite rare Big Alec SID tunes, and also a Sid Sound Designer SID/Digi tune by No more.

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JagFest UK 2004 report! June 13th, 2004
JagFest UK 2004 ended just hours ago and, and we already have a nice report from the party kindly provided by CiH of the Alive mag team.
Here we go:

Jagfest he says..

It's Sunday evening, I'm in dire need of a brain replacement, and I haven't even unpacked my bags from the trip, having only just got back from the night before...

Events (Me) and economics (Felice) dictated that we couldn't stay down in historic teenage single mother infested Rochester for the whole two days of the event. Instead, we resolved to make the very best of the Saturday there. And there was a lot to take in, with the format expanded from last years successful party. The Jaguar scene took pride of place, with large screen appearances of many tournament favourites such as Battlesphere, and the unavoidable Tempest 2000. There were even bits and pieces of new stuffs to be seen, and a decent range of hardware and software for both Jag and Lynx on sale, courtesy of 16/32 Systems.

The Cheshunt Computer Club and ourselves managed to make the case for the non-console side of Atari, and a number of people did take an interest in my CT60. It behaved very well on the day. On the STe in the far corner, people were invited to try to stop the (in)famous Badger demo with the reset button, and several of them were caught out by that little joke ;-)

Several rival formats filled the corners, including a large presence from a bunch of C64 enthusiasts we met in Birmingham at the Micromart show. They survived the taunting and playing of loud martial arts movies from the MyAtari section ;-) They were cool guys who fitted in very well to the overall spirit of the Jagfest UK.

The show has its social side, and we spotted the Mad Butcher as our main non-UK visitor. He seemed to be enjoying himself hugely. The rest was a case of renewing acquaintances with the familiar jagscene crowd from last summer. To finish off the Saturday evening, Nick Harlow organised a barbeque in the hotel garden, dodging rain showers. He must have known what he was doing, as none of us have succumbed to violent vomiting fits so far...

We regretfully tore ourselves away from what was shaping up to be a long and interesting evening of hardcore console games playing at 10.00pm. I guess things carried on in the same happy vein for Sunday, and I hope we are going to make it again next year. Okay, this is short and lame, stronger and longer report to follow sometime.

Oh, and one last thing, 'Badger Badger Badger Badger!!'

CiH signing off.
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Bold' - Finally new shoot'em up for the ST! June 10th, 2004
Bold' - the sequel to Bold, has been released very unexpectedly. The game resembles R-type rather much in it's style.

The authour also hints about other possible ST-games to be released. Good news!
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A resurrected game released a decade later.. June 10th, 2004
It's clear that the resurrection trend is here to stay. Another un-released game from the past has recently made it to release.

Droid 2 looks to be a platform shooter with rather decent graphics. Definitly worth a try!
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ST-Invite intro for JagCon 2004 released June 10th, 2004
Thanks to Exocet for sending a little intro by Orion. It's an invite to the Jaguar Connexion 2004, where some known Atari figures have promised to attend, that includes Rodolphe '060' Czuba and Jane 'AvP' Whittaker.

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Ultimate SNDH converting package upgraded. June 10th, 2004
gwEm writes:

More SNDH converters, but hopefully the last update for a while:
- The SSD converter got updated with the latest replay routine.
- The MM2 converter now uses a much more stable Grazey replay rout.
- Theres a new XLR8 converter using a ripped Sentry routine.
- And finally because I know some guys use it some times I made a Insignia Trisound converter, also with a Grazey rout.

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Sid Sound Designer replay update June 7th, 2004
Ben of the Overlanders have been working a bit on the Sid Sound Designer replay.

Bens updated replay now supports pattern breaks from the SSD v3.5 editor, a bit faster replay and better commented sourcecode.

You can download the source together with example files below.
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Grazey of PHF releases music hacks #29 June 7th, 2004
A new disk with SNDH files from various artists have been released by Grazey of PHF. Featured artists are:

Ant Lees
Barry Leitch
Lotek Style
Pierre-Eric Loriaux
Mickhail Lundberg
Paul Loraine

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JagFest UK 2004 closing in June 7th, 2004
Nick Harlow writes:

Well first of all thanks to Pocket, Arethius, Scat and other who made the Jaguar Connexxion in France a real nice place to be. Plenty of games, plenty of collectibles, plenty to see and do...

But now come the Brits with JagFest'04, June 12/13... are you planning to come and see whats happening in the UK Atari World? We still have some more work to do but the event is shaping up nicely with the following attractions.....

Licensed Bar -- A little liquid refreshment to help the RAFFLE go down

Battlesphere Tourney run by Gaztee plus all the latest and Greatest Releases inc Songbird and B&C - see and buy the games and protos you only thought you would hear about.

Lynx, a selection of the ebst games and prototypes around

Atari ST-STE-TT-Falcon
Full Papyrus X demos, and sales.
NEXUS Gaming Competition (TBA)
Maggie DIsk Magazine
Who will have a similar programme to last year (ST and Falcon), but with new demo's since last year of course Chris's Falcon is now F060! Also there will be the miracle of selected hits of Atari 8-bit on CT60, through the miracle of emulation.

Atari 8 Bit
The Devastator II, a fully functional MAME controller for your PC.

Premier On-line Atari magazine MyAtari, and Retro-Mart plus a suprise??

Asteroids 7800 run by James Perrow
Tournies organised by Steve Moss, more details on web pages

Side Show
Commodore Scene will be in attendance with a C= side show .
They will be bringing the '4 player Commodore stand' and a bunch of 4 player games for people to play on. Also, they will probably be bringing our portable SX64's (x3) along with some software to show off and some of the new hardware too.

Gamebase ST
Rob Perry - Will be showing the progress he and Paul Thompson has made on their GamebaseST project . Find out how easy they have made it to run ST games under emulation, all wrapped up in a mame32 type frontend.

Atari Portfolio
Portfolio Club (U.K).
Europes premier Portfolio supporters, the Portfolio Club will be along to show off all things to do with the Atari handeheld. Find out more Portfolio stuff at

More Infomation can be found at
All Weekend Pass Holders will recieve 2 free gifts for supporting JagFest UK..... a JagFest Keyring (gasp!!) and a Free full copy including Hint Book of Oxyd for Atari ST, STE, TT, Falcon, PC or MAC (even bigger gasp!!). In fact JagFest are feeling so generous we will give the Basic Oxyd pack to the first 50 who come to JagFest on Saturday or Sunday.

If you want to come along for the day, it's only £5 and you are sure of a good time, with friends new and old.. just contact me at

Hope to see you soon.

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Another World engine ported to Atari-SDL June 7th, 2004
Adam Klobukowski writes:

RAW - 'Another World' engine written using SDL library. Should work on anything a bit faster then Falcon 030 (it flies on CT60 If you want to play under GEM, set enviromental variable


You also need an original PC version of the game (called 'Out Of This World')

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New gameboy emulator ported to Atari May 22nd, 2004
Data of Trio has recently (well, a week ago) ported the open source Gameboy emulator called 'gngb' to the Atari.

The emulator should work with any Atari with a 68020 or better processor, but the faster the better, as always with emulation.
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Audio Exposure ST - Remix CD available May 22nd, 2004
A few years ago, in 2001 to be more specific, Rich Davey from Little Green Desktop began collecting remixes of classic Atari ST tunes. He got eight tunes, but the project somewhow cooled down and was put on ice.

Until now that is, the CD has been resurrected and is available thru Atari.Org's web-mirror (similar style to Fading Twilight / No Fragments).

The tracks remixed are:

Rings of medusa
Syntax Terror Fletch
The Killing Game Show
Mindbomb demo
There aren't any sheeps in outer mongolia
Yep! Nice to see such classics in new form, personally I'm most happy that someone still remember Verminator :)
The remix-style differs heavily from funk, hardcore to more smooth remixes. Please notice that this is NOT the commercial remix-cd spoken about earlier!

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New CT60 batch starts shipping tomorrow! May 20th, 2004
Rodolphe Czuba writes:

YES, the boards are here and the CPU too !!
Shipping will begin friday 21st May !
I will chip in the following oder :
- CT60 WITH motherboards here (soldering fitting) : no more place here ;-) .
- Developers CT60
- Users

All three categories in the order I received money.

DON'T ask me about if the board is sent to you or not !!
You will receive an email if the board is shipped to you !
If no email, this means NO shipping (or bad email address !); please wait !

I have really no time ot answer to people who have no patience...

Thank you


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Example clip from the upcoming Atari ST remix CD May 20th, 2004
A small one minute clip from one of the remixed songs have been made available. The track in question if Scavengers 'Odyssey' from the Synergy Megademo.

Personally I had hoped for something else (eg, in the lines of the Remix64 which were given as example before the production began).

Anyway, check the mp3 below to make your own opinion.
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PHF releases Grazey's Zak Hacks #28 May 19th, 2004
Grazey of the PHF writes:

Finally after a 6 month break I bring some more SNDH's for your delectation.

In the archive you'll find tunes by -

Huelsbeck,Iso, Jason, JB 007, Jedi, Jerowksi, Jet Power, JMP, Johnson, Jones, Jookie, Joseph, Jovis, Kanewood, Kelly, Ksouri, Lap, Lowe, Chilton, Connolly, Dalecki, Hagar.

Plus a crappy old PHF intro.

139 SNDH files <-> 337 tunes.

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Paradize logo compo is over May 11th, 2004
Simon Sunnyboy of Paradize writes:

Hi scene,

the Paradize "Find us a logo contest" has ended.
Only 3 submissions were handed in but go check for yourself.
The winning entry was submitted by Sh3-RG. Cool work mate!

Thanks to all who took part.

Simon Sunnyboy for all Paradize members

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New MyAtari issue released May 10th, 2004
Felice writes:

The new May issue of MyAtari magazine has been released, at

In it is included an article from yours truly, a review of the Outline party.

Check it out !!! :-)

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No Fragments #3 released May 6th, 2004
Lotek Style of .tSCc. have released the third edition of the No Fragments serie.

This time covering releases from various demo parties (1993-2001) with demos, music, pictures and more from Atari ST/STe and Falcon.

The collection is available in a web-form for you to browse around at Atari.Org's mirror, check the link below!
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F2 hosts another party May 6th, 2004
Mad Butscher writes:

Foundation Two would like to ivite all open mind szeners to a ATARI 8 Bit Gaming Meeting to the middle of nowhere (Hunsrueck / Germany).

We don't difference between 8 Bit and 16 Bit, so all ATARI and Vectrex and Acorn, and Commorodre, etc. users are welcome. (please leave as much PC's at home as possible)

The name of the meeting is: Hunsruecker ATARI Treffen Zweitausend vier (h.a.t.z.)

Beside gaming, we will build up our maschines and do the normal convention stuff.

So it's a good possiility, to meet each other again.

More infos are at the abbuc website ( in the open forum.

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D-Bug releases #184 April 26th, 2004
Showaddywaddy of D-Bug has just released a new double-disk menu. Games for this menu are Pegasus, Snacman and Space Battle. Also a small little menu by DHS with music by 505.

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MJJ Prod releases new intro April 23rd, 2004
ST Survivor writes:
MJJ Prod strikes back and I'm sure they'll be surprised to see that I'm advertising one of their prods :) Indeed a very nice and funny screen called BADGER has been released !

It should work with every Atari, maybe not on STf tho nothing is mentioned on their webpage. Report to the following link to get the ST or STeem version (end of page)


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The grayscale music compo is back April 23rd, 2004
Grayscale writes:
Welcome to the second edition of the Grayscale Music Competition. Previous edition took place in 2003. There were presented 8 modules, which were prepared by 7 artists. It was quite good result, if we consider the size of our Atari Scene. The winner of 1st Grayscale Music Competition was Barter W?siel, aka BeWu, which is nowadays a member of our group.

We are starting the second edition of the Grayscale Music Compo hoping, that the quality of modules will exceed that from previous edition, and that a number of modules will be much more bigger. We are waiting for your opinions and , of course, your modules./div>
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DegaSTE released April 23rd, 2004
YesCREW released DegaSTE a few days ago, it's a small ACC tool for editing Degas(elite) palettes while Degas is running.

Why? Well Degas(elite) was made before the STe was released, and hence it can't use the 4096-palette of the STe when editing colours. So previously you had to edit the palette in another art program first, and then use Degas. Now you can run Degas and set the palette with DegasSTE on the fly.

It should make life alot easier for those who paints STe-pictures with Degas(elite).
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X-2004 party announced April 23rd, 2004
Superogue writes:
X-2004 all classic 8-bit/16-bit demoparty!

Hi there, some of you may have already met me at this years Outline party. To those who haven't: My name is Martijn Wenting, managing director of revival studios (classic game development) and co-organizer of the X-2004 all classic demoparty.

X-2004 will be held on 22-23-24 october 2004 in Ruurlo, The netherlands, which is VERY VERY close to where Outline was held this year.
We have competitions for all classic 8-bit/16-bit machines, and dedicated competitions for ATARI!

Also, the atmosphere is VERY relaxed, we have dedicated beds for all visitors, free breakfast, free dinner and free drinks/beer for everyone!
But that's not all, we also have alternative/weird competitions, live-acts, videoshows (with the best demo's from all kinds of classic scenes, to build respect for eachother bring the scenes closer together) and movies to be seen!

We also will be showing you a 2-hour behind the scenes video of what it was like working at Atari in the 70's/80's with interviews with ex-atari employees! All in all, more than enough reason to visit the X-2004 website (for link see bottom of this article) and register now!!!

All atari 8-bit / ST / Falcon sceners are welcome!
We hope to see al of you there in October!


(you can also contact Havoc for atari-specific question regarding this party)

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Little Atari Party 2004 downloads available April 21st, 2004
The contributions from the 'Little Atari Convention 2004' (also known as pre-sillyventure 2004) has been made available. We did another of those small download pages where you can get the files.

The stuff contains mainly of pictures and music, but also realtime article (in polish!), photos and the Syntax graphics is more like a little intro.
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Dildo Fatwa releases STe-version of Outline demo April 21st, 2004
CiH writes:
ART FEEBLY IMITATES LIFE! New version available!

Following hard on the heels of the satirically biting 'Braekpoint '04 Invitro' Wild Compo winner onthe Falcon, is a bonus STe version.

This is available from the usual place, and will need a 2MB STe to run.

(Upon reading some of the party reports for Breakpoint '04, it looks like the Dildo Fatwa team were only *slightly* ahead of events as they actually happened!)

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Paradox releases wildcompo entry April 17th, 2004
Paradox has released their wildcomp entry from Outline. It's a slideshow for the STe. But this is no ordinary slideshow; it doesn't contain any handmade pictures, no effects, hardly any music.. The special thing is a new screen mode they have crammed out of the STe machines. Very impressive, the routine displays 640x400 images in 14000 possible colours. The technique is based on midres, palette and scanline interlace together with blitter palette-shiftings. It should give about 40-44 colours per scanline (similar to Spectrum 512, but in 640 width rather than 320!).

This baby was not easy to do screenshots from :) In the end I had to use the videocam, so the screenshots below is far from the real quality seen on an STe.
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Träl video available April 16th, 2004
After many many requests, the video of Träl is avaialble. Rather bad quality but you get the idea anyways.

Yep this also means that Scene.Org is back in full strength together with the hosted sites (such as A big HURRAY! to the Scene.Org staff.
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OutLine results proggie April 16th, 2004
Havoc of Lineout writes:
Coded live (while counting all votes at the same time!) by TheMatch/Lineout.

Needs at least 640*480 resolution and an Atari compatible system (please set the desktop to a high resolution and colordepth before running).

Sorry for the bugs and lack of proper screenmode switching, this prog was originally just intended for display on the beamer in the Outline party hall. We thought it would be nice to put this prog online too for viewers who were not present at the party.

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Updated SNDH converter from gwEm April 15th, 2004
gwEm has just released a new version of his SNDH converter. The converter can now convert Sid Sound Designer and Triplex (Damos beta version) files into SNDH. And of course the old MusicMon II converter is still there as well.
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Karsmakers updates UVK to the final version April 15th, 2004
Richard Karsmakers / ST News writes:
There really haven't been any new viruses on the Atari platform in quite a while...which is a very good thing. There were a few little things that still needed to be fixed in the "Ultimate Virus Killer" 2000 code, though, and it also needed to have the contact details made 'future proof'. The new version, 9.0, was released today, April 12th. The version jump from 8.2 is to signify it's the final version. It is still the definitive tool to keep your ST, TT, Falcon or derivative machine virus-free. With 14 years of development, it damn well should be.

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Winning Outline intro available April 15th, 2004
After a couple of days of size-optimizing and fixing some smaller issues (RGB support, timings..) we've released our intro shown at the Outline party.

The intro is called 'Träl' and was made during the days the party lasted, except we were lazy sitting at home in our sofas producing it.

The intro is a co-operation between DHS, Ephidrena and MJJ Prod. A Falcon with CT60 or another 68060 accelerator (if available) is needed. A video will be uploaded as soon as Scene.Org is healthy again.
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Paradize releases delayed Outline entry April 13th, 2004
Simon Sunnyboy of Paradize writes:
Better late then never.
Paradize now releases a planned Outline part:
The Tawnee Stone Slideshow - compatible with Atari STFM/STE/Falcon. A little xrated slideshow intended for the Wild Compo that didn't make it in time. Nothing special, just some piccies to view and some digi sound. Grab it on our website at or directly here at DHS.

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More outline contribs coming in April 13th, 2004
More and more stuffs are coming in from the party, really nice stuff (click the links to see a screenshot and the bottom link for download)!

So far we've seen two 4-k intros from Paradox ('30 Candles' and 'RGB Splitter'). Also we have a nice 96k intro from Dune, MJJ Prod and Sector one titled 'Frenchies Intro' and a nice intro/demo by F.U.N. named 'Stone Tower'.

And to sum it up, a new huge issue of the Undercover Magascene (#25) has been released at the Outline 2004.

More stuff to follow!
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Memo from Nemo (Outline report!) April 12th, 2004
Nemo / DHS writes:
I just came back from Outline and thought I'll give you an update on the things that just happened (as long as they are fresh in my mind) :). So here we go...

I was very eager to attend this party though I couldn't make a 100% registration in advance as I'm currently quite on the edge money-wise. Anyway, in the end it was enough for the train ticket, food and the entrance fee.:-) So, lazy as I am I decided to pull something together for the music competitions in a last minute effort (I did it all from the night of Friday to Saturday...). But as I decided not to take my computer with me I had to finish both tunes in advance and I ended up in the mess of either taking a train earlier without finished tunes but the possibility to match the deadline or having the tunes finished but the possibility to miss the deadline. And that's what happened. I calculated that it could work if the deadline is around 18.00- 20.00h but it was set to 16h..

Well, this was a bit of a downer when I arrived but not for a long as I soon started catching up with many familiar faces.:) The location was quite nice, some sort of youth hostel, where one hall plus sleeping area with beds was reserved for the sceners. While the second room and sleeping area was for some sort of string symphony orchestra with a high percentage of young females who were training their Beethoven or whatever. I ended up spending my first night in their sleeping room as I somehow confused where the Outline sleeping area was. Anyway, after all better matresses and no snorring in their room compared to the strange snorring symphony I witnessed the day later in the Atari area.;) Anyway, I spent a lot of time walking around and have a good talk which I really enjoyed. Probably even more than with previous parties as I simply know more people better by now.:) Especially the talk with some fellow musicians was really inspiring and motivating. Damo, Gwem and his girlfriend Manou also introduced me to some pro audio apps on the PC/Mac which really sucked me in. I always thought those things would be much too bloated and complicated and too different from tracker style composing - though it's not too complicated at all. So I really have to give some of those apps a proper tryout. I think my two falcons with Triplex/Ace Tracker and some of those Mac apps could build up a nice working environment.:)

On Sunday I decided that I could still get my share of airplay by putting my Ace Tracker tune into the wild compo (which was then joined with the Fake Demo compo). As I didn't release any Ace Tracker tune for a year I simply wanted to showcase some of the sounds and ideas I have been playing around with the last couple of months. And so I did though it couldn't challenge the hillarious Dildo Fatwa release and a cool STE Hack using some sort of HighresMode and 6000 colours at onceby Paradox. Anyway, still received a good amount of points and could have probably squeezed out some extra if I had mentioned it was wave-only as some thought the drummings were sampled.:) So I'm happy I did the release. The gaming compo featured two nice puzzle games, one by Mad Butcher/F2 and one by the Reservoir Gods, with Dutch-themed tiles (clogs), which then also got the first place.:) The ST and Falcon Demo compo was joined as well (as the only 'physical' representative of DHS I gave my ok, hope that's fine with you). All four releases were quite cool even though the Evolution one was more a kind of a teaser but a yummy one.:) And of course big ups to you and Ephidrena for your effort! Really cool one! This one also won the competition BTW.;) Then there was the size limited competition with releases by Paradox and Gwem. But I won't get into detail here as I actually realise that I've written quite a lot by now, so it's time to finish this mail up. So some summing uo left for the last paragraph:

The price ceremony took place somewhere 00.30h I think and had its moments (especially the chip music results). Setok(?) used the opportunity to hand out some extra prices and advertise the ALTernative party. And then go to bed, sleep, get your stuff, say goodbye, leave.:) And afterall it's been a really great party! Definitive Alternative to non EIL-years. Though again rumors were floating around concerning a possible French effort (place somewhere near Paris). A big party in France could be a cool thing as well.

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Outline downloads April 12th, 2004
The first release from Outline has arrived (ACE Tracker music by Nemo), and so our download page for the party has opened (with only the one file yet).

Hopefully we'll have a party report online within hours.
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Outline begins today! April 9th, 2004
This years Atari easter-party 'Outline' in Holland begins today. The dutch expects ave sixty Atari sceners to take place and hopefully code something interesting to watch! Stay tuned for more info about eventual releases in the coming days.
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New prod from The Beasts April 9th, 2004
Solo2 of TBC writes:
SoLo2 presents:

The Beasts Intro #7

With some melting logos,
stretched scrolls,
waving messages,
neon fireworks
and great music by T-1000.

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Invite intro for Outline released April 5th, 2004
Ephidrena has released a small ST-invite intro for the forthcoming Outline party.

Coded by Nerve, music by Frequent and graphics by Havoc.
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Echos v1.2 mpeg now at April 3rd, 2004
For those of who who has been wondering where that promised video of Echos v1.2 had gone we can now inform you that it's at last available on

There were some unusual delays from the upload until it was put online. Out of our hand. Anyway the demo is running on 060 with the brand new version of ACE replayer (Replace 0.25).
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No Fragments CD#2 is out April 2nd, 2004
Lotek Style of .tSCc. released the second CD with demos and intros from Atari ST.

The new CD is packed with compilation-disks rather than stand alone demos. Lots of disks from POV, Animal Mine, Stax, Ripped Off and many more.

The new CD can be browsed around on the web from Atari.Org's official mirror, or an ISO image can be downloaded from .tSCc.'s ftp.
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The beasts are back! April 2nd, 2004

A new The Beasts prod again. Check da thumbnail and download this cool prod!
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CT60-virus found! April 1st, 2004
Well as you all probably figured, this was an attempt for an april fools joke!
Thanks to CiH for providing :)

CT60 virus goes back to basics

At least one buyer of the CT60 has been using it for purposes which are unhelpful to the rest of the scene.

We've been receiving reports of a CT60 specific email virus, which when run, reverts the flash bios back to a standard '030 Falcon. The dangerous file comes as an attachment 'first.prg', which when executed, tells you to type in 010404, where it then does its dirty work.

We are asking all CT60 users to be alert, and hopefully these malign efforts will quickly pass their sell-by date.
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MusicMon 2 to SNDH converter released March 25th, 2004
gwEm writes:

I have written an easy to use converter for MusicMon2 modules into the popular SNDH format.

I like this editor although it is not so popular as SSD, maybe this converter will encourage people to use it more in productions...

Even if you don't want to use the converter its self the ZIP is still worth downloading, because I converted all the MusicMon2 demo song into SNDH for your listening pleasure.

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C-64 games being remade for the ST? March 25th, 2004
From a recent query about games in progress for the Atari, something not expected was revealed: Ports (remakes) of C-64 shoot'em ups games for the ST. Alright, the games are SEUCK (shoot'em up construction kit) and SEUCK isn't perhaps the most beloved tool in the world. But anyway we're getting a couple of new shooters it seems!

The games in question due for conversion are Alienkill and Alienkill 2. From the screenshot (see below) the graphics might need to be stiffed up a bit before the ST entrance :)
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The finns going Aggressive again? March 25th, 2004
On the rumour side (nothing confirmed yet..):

People who read the registred visitors for the Outline party might have noticed a very strong lineup from finland, mainly by Aggression guys. Now our long ears have heard rumours about a new ST(e) demo from the finns to be released or at least shown at the Outline compo.

Lance is supposed to have coded several new routines and among them a very quick 1x1 c2p routine.

Now, we still remember what happened to Aggressions 'Motion' back in the mid 90's, but let's hope this is not a hoax and that it will be completed this time. The finns are welcome back!
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Yet another resurrected demo ! March 24th, 2004
Atari crews from belgium hasn't exactly been the most frequent over the years. One of the more well-known has been Zuul. They were working on a 3d-demo for the ST way back in the 90's, and unluckily it wasn't released.

Yeah you know the story since the 'Golden Age' demo a couple of days ago, this one has also been dusted off and released to the public. The demo is rather complete except for the final screen, which stays blank.

All effects are 3d-based and some rather nice design and graphics added to that. A pity it has ripped music though.
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The Beasts releases more... March 24th, 2004
Not exactly a surprise, The Beasts released another scroller intro today. Gaaasp. Have they not had enough time on 'latest released prods' yet? Anyway, download below.
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YesCREW updates GemGT2 March 23rd, 2004
A quickie:

SWE Of YesCREW updated the GemGT2-player today to version 0.91.

The new version has a bugfix for memory leakage and has proper GEM iconifying. Download below.
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The spanish flood continues March 22nd, 2004
The spanish guys of The Beasts crew have released yet another intro for the ST. This time called 'TBC4'.

I just wish they could save up a bunch of these intros and make a little menu to it. Would make an old-skool type megademo rather quickly...
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Old unfinished demo resurrected March 22nd, 2004
The old french crew Hysteria was working on a megademo a long time ago. The demo was unfortunatly never finished and released.

Until now that is. The remains of the demo has been released, and seems to consist of a bunch of screens to be loaded manually from desktop. Overscans, line-3d, scrollers. Well it's traditional oldskool!
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Echos v1.2 released March 21st, 2004
The old 96k intro from Error In Line 2003 from DHS, Evolution and New Beat has been re-released. Now with a brand new (still beta though) ACE replayer which now runs happily on CT60.

The intro itself looks like before, perhaps a bit smoother than it did on CT2/AB040 earlier. A video of it running on 060 will be uploaded to in the next few days, check back here shortly for a download-link.
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Chosneck #2 goes online March 20th, 2004
A nice surprice today; Chosneck #2 diskmag has been published online at the Mystic Bytes homepage.

The online-issue reminds quite much of how the UCM and Alive mags are presented. This is good news for all non-Falcon users that still wish to have a good read. However the nice shell from Chosneck is missing as well as the music, so if you have the chance it's still lots better in the original version.

UPDATE 20210129: The site is gone, link removed.
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Outline 2004 site opens March 20th, 2004
Havoc of Lineout writes:

div class="quote">The Outline 2004 official website was launched a couple of days ago. A lot of information about the party is available, and it will be updated on a regular basis from now until after the party.

The first publicly available visitorlist was added today, and the team behind the website are planning to add several items in the near future. This includes high detail roadmaps, more information about food supplies and perhaps even some little surprises.

A big 'thank you!' must go to our webmaster Cyclone, without him the website would not have been realized as quickly and professionally as we managed to do after our previous designer went a way of life.
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D-Bug releases #183 March 18th, 2004
Showaddywaddy / D-Bug writes:

yrano Jones makes a re-appearance with a cool new menu featuring a 24bit picture zoomer!

Menu includes Realms of Reality a Dungeon Master clone (I've now fixed it for TOS 2.06)

Osmosis a nice puzzle game in the mould of Match It. This game now saves high scores to a file in Drive A.

Showaddywaddy / D-Bug

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YesCREW updates GemGT2 March 17th, 2004
SWE of YesCREW released a new version of GemGT2 today. As the title suggests, GemGT2 is a Groumf-tracker player in GEM.

New features include av-start (drag/drop) and correct locking of audio and dsp, dynamic memory allocation and machine control at startup.
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The Beasts releases yet a small intro March 17th, 2004
Anohter colourful little intro has been released from The Beasts.

This time it goes by the original name 'ts11'.
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Chosneck intros available as MPEG March 17th, 2004
Sorry for being late with this little article..

The intros (which were given us before the mag was released) of Chosneck #2 are available in MPEG-2 format at as usual.

Nothing much more to say except enjoy!
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Fading Twilight #8 released! March 10th, 2004
Lotek Style writes:

FADING TWILIGHT -excerpt eight- is OUT!Music from the ATARI-scene is going in its eighth round. Listen to over 400 tunes from the following atari scene musicians:

505 / Checkpoint^Creators
AiO / Toys
Bodenstaendig 2000
Baggio / Evolution^Spice Boys^Wildfire
Beast / The Syndicate^Reanimators
Bart of Noise / Megabusters^Heaven Software
Blue Tiger / Spider
Cedyn aka Goaman / Shadows^Monar records
Charon aka Quark / Nato^Game Over
Conrardy Tim
!Cube / Aggression^Trauma^Recreation^SCS*TRC^Scallop^Armada
D-Force / Lineout
Damo aka Drus / Reservoir Gods^Redlite
Danny O. / Risk
Dma Sc / Sector One
Energizer / Lazer
Frazer / The Syndicate^Reanimators
Gozer / Flash^Kruz
Greg / Grayscale project^Bitbusters^Aids
Jess / Overlanders
Lotek Style fka MC Laser / tSCc^YM Rockerz^VKK
Marcer / Elite
Moonshine / Admirables
Mr. Future / Paranoia
Radium / Effect
Raster aka Motorol / Confusions^Rasero Team
Rhino / Torment^Phase D
Rubbish / Zeal
Scavenger / Synergy
Seabrush / Mystic Bytes
Sparehead 3 / Reservoir Gods
Simon V. aka No More / Animal Mine
Slocum Paul
ST Mixes / PoSiTiViTy
Teque / Aggression^Trauma
Thomas aka Split / New Beat Development
Tinker / Teenage
Tommy / Avena
Simon aka Corwin / Trideja
Ryan / Trideja
Ultrafex / Cream
Xtream aka ADS / Toons^Abstract
Zigo aka Zigoma / EXA^Adrenaline^Arsenic^The Fat Mamoth

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Doom v0.30pre3 released March 10th, 2004
Data of Trio released a new version of Doom for Atari recently.

The new version uses SDL 1.2.7beta which features brand new chunky-to-planar routines (by Mikael Kalms / TBL). This should be good news for all Doom-playing CT60-owners as the c2p-routs by kalms are really quick and optimized for 68060.
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More CT60's to be made, still cards available for ordering! March 9th, 2004
CiH of Alive team writes:

The latest news on the new CT60 batch.

Rodolphe Czuba writes in

"The production was extended to 80 pieces. 30 are left this time..."

"The shipping date was clarified this day : week # 16"

Production has been extended from the original planned 40 new units. Which means that there are still some available, even if you have held off from ordering, and think the chance has gone away. It hasn't!

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Paulo Simeos unreleased pack March 8th, 2004
Phu, what a busy monday. Here's another one:
Paulo Simeos (known for the Overscan demos made nearly one and a half decade ago) released a bunch of files which has been resting without getting released. Some interesting stuff!

Things in the archive:

The oldest of all.
Try keys 0,1,2,3,+ and - from the keypad.
Return will reset 0,1,2,3 key effects.
312 dots moving at 50Hz according to the MOD choosed that is played at 15.6kHz.
+ and - change the Volume / Quality amplification factor
No amplification -> 1.0

A spectrum 512 uncompressed pic (IMAGE.SPU) + a 7.8kHz (MOD or HEXMOD(a special costum format)) + 14 lines scroller

For any MOD or HEXMOD with volume control.
It does not use interrupts or the STE hardware.

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Chosneck #2 released! March 8th, 2004
Chosneck diskmag #2 was released just some hours ago. After months and months of the usual scene-bbs terror it did it in the end. And what Chosneck #2 you say, wasn't #3 released a year ago? Well.. The first was #0 (combined with the music demo), the second was #1, and the third was simply called "third", so there hasn't been a #2 yet, and here it is..

Grey / Mystic Bytes writes:
We are so proud to tell ya that after many months of work we MADE IT! yeah! =) we know, we are fuckin' late. and while I am here I would like to scream out "FORGIVE US!" but that's all I can do. within' this wide period of time we managed to collect enough interesting stuff to catch your eyes and some little surprises await you in various Chosneck sub-folders! :) some sad news now - sorry, we didn't manage to solve this 060 prob! :( so Chosneck doesn't like it too much :/ we'll keep trying to fix it someday but won't give you any date-release atm. the shell has been cured a bit - moving between parts of divided articles isn't that painful anymore - it remebers the text position when you click on a hyperlink (req by No!/Esc) and RGB mode has been improved as well! (req by LotekStyle and Paranoid).

nothing more needed to add, just...


grey / msb signed off

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Anohter intro from The Beasts Crew March 8th, 2004
Another small intro from the Beasts Crew was released the other day. It goes with the original name of 'tbc3'.

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Alive issue #8 released! March 7th, 2004
St Survivor writes:

Hi there !

This issue of ALIVE, naturally called L8, has been sleeping for TEN days now, desperately waiting for an intro that may never make it :( So that I had to make a decision : enjoy this fat issue coming in full or light version.

Thanks to everyone involved in this work. Now STS is fading away, see ya some day pals !

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Syntax are back with new diskmag March 7th, 2004
Syntax, known for their nice ST-intros from a few years back made an unexpected comeback today.

Syntax have released a diskmag for the ST called 'Underground vs Syntax #2'. The mag seems to be a mix of polish and english.

The original message (sent by Grey / Mystic bytes):

Syntax rised up from the ashes! =) After few years of total silence this famous ST band from Poland is back! Yesterday I've got a new issue of their "UvsS" disk-mag, check this out brothaz! =)

And see ya tomorrow in Chosneck's kingdom! =)

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Freds Find - New ST-game released March 2nd, 2004
Another un-released game breathes it's first gulp of air in 2004, this one programmed back in 1993, by British crew - The Cyberpunks. They're probably best known for coding a couple of intros used by Automation.

The game is in effect a copy of the BBC game Repton 3 (a boulderdash clone). The emulation of that is so close that you could convert Repton 3 maps to play in this version of the game.
The game comes with the most recent version of the entire source code plus executable.
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Charon of Escape releases Whip!-plugin February 29th, 2004
Charon of Escape has at long last released his Error In Line 2001 (!) Whip!-plugin.

No screenshot available at the moment, download and test!
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Ray of .tSCc. releases fast (de)packer February 28th, 2004
It's been a silent past week, but thanks to vacations from the army, Ray of .tSCc. have had some time to release some new compression/decompression routines.

It's called lz77 and is based on older code, however optimized for 68000 and 68030. The compression level should be equal or better than huffman, with a depack speed of about a simple RLE-depacker.

This is good news if you wanted to show animations or similar things in a demo or game. Download the sourcecode for depacking (Assembler) and a tool to compress data (C source and executable).
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Hot news! A new round of CT60's will be produced! February 20th, 2004
Good news!

Today Czuba-Tech announced that a new batch of CT60's will happen, soon! Check the official announcement below! NOW is the time to get one if you missed the previous round!


OK, I announce that I plan now to produce 42 or more new CT60.Please check for NEW price, NEW features, NEW fittingwith solders page and new benchs pages !No more EC support, no more CT60 without 060 !Only the CT60 with full 060 at 66 MHz.

I need to know very quickly how many people want to buy !!So, I accept from NOW your promise to buy and in few days I will give infosto pay me (I need this money to pay the factory that will launch theproduction !).

Shipping will be from beginning of April 2004 to end of April 2004 for thelastest orderers !
No more delay ! CT60 is ok and don't need debugging ! Production is ok andfactory is ready (they are checking since this morning the market to findthe chips to assemble 42 or more boards !).


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Yet another intro from The Beasts February 20th, 2004
Spanish crew 'The Beasts' continue to release small colourful intros.

This time rasters, sprites and scrollers.
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Old(new) game from Cerebral Vortex released February 19th, 2004
The old french crew Cerebral Vortex has released a game named 'Tiles Osmosis' which was put on the shelf a long time ago.

It's said to be a mix of Tetris, Columns and Match It.

A few comments from the authour:
this is the original file so don't send anything to the adress written in !!

a the beginning that was an everythingware but you can't considere now that's a freeware

use it on a blank disk coz the game save the high score on the track 80 if i remember corectly.

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Atari Behn - Trist mix video available February 17th, 2004
An MPEG2-video of Ephidrenas Alternative Party 2004 demo 'Atari Behn - Trist Mix', has been uploaded to

The video is recorded in high-detail mode on a CT60.
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Paradize releases new game and starts a logo compo February 15th, 2004
A few minutes ago, Paradize released a new vectorised asteroids style game called 'Space Battle'. The game supports two players against eachother or one player against the computer.
The game works with any ST/STe or Falcon.

Further on Paradize is looking for a splash-screen logo to be used in front of all their future production. They have started a compo for graphicans around to create this splash screen. More info at the Paradize site (link below).
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Outline invite available February 15th, 2004
The invitation text for the forthcoming OutLine party has been released to public.

Numerous compos, travel prices and much more is covered. Check the link below.
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The Beasts releases new intro February 14th, 2004
Spanish demo crew The Beasts has released another of the small colourful intros they have flooded Pouet with the last few months.

The new intro is called 'TS6' and seems to be quite similar to the others. Download below, and check a screenshot at pouet.
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D-BUG goes back to SToneage February 10th, 2004
D-BUG released disk #182 tonight.

Nothing out of the spectacular if it wasn't for the games whom are 18 (!!) years old and never cracked before. The games in question are Breakers (cracked by Zippy / Medway Boys.. first crack in 12 years, suits him fine to do an 18 years old title ;-)) and Universe II (done by Shw).

Intro this time is limited as the disk was filled (6k free).
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Outline 2004 party anounced February 10th, 2004
Havoc of LineOut anounced the OutLine easter party yesterday.

So far there is no invitation available, however the party will be held from April 9 to April 12 in Lievelde, The Netherlands.

Stay tuned for more detailed infos.
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STNICCC 1990 DVD-Video February 7th, 2004
Richard Karsmakers of the ST News fame has annouced the release of a DVD-video covering the classic STNICCC 1990 party.

The authors claims that the DVD-video is of semi-professional quality and enhanced compared to the version handed out as prices to compo winners back in 1990.

The price is 10 euro (PayPal now supported), and if you pre-order, a bonus CD will be sent along the DVD. The DVD-video will be available at easter time.
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BUGS FOUND! UPDATED! CT60 fixed demo system available February 7th, 2004
A new version of our old but often used demo system (or sequencer) for Falcon has been released.

Sorry for taking so long for the small fixes done. The main thing fixed is a working DSPMOD on CT60, some other issues are fixed as well (DspLock(), Locksnd() (thanks MiKRO)).

Download below, and if you need explanations, there's an article in Alive issue 1.

February 8, UPDATE:
Misery! When waking up this morning I had a strange feeling about forgetting something in yesterdays demosys. And yes, so it was. It nearly didn't work at all. Some silly bugs were added by mistake and not noticed in the small tests I did. The sequencer only ran one demopart, and that at the wrong speed. It has been corrected now. Please download v15 if you got got v14 yesterday!
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Dildo Fatwa releases new (fake)-demo February 5th, 2004
Dildo Fatwa famous for the 'Bud teh Chud in Ascii Minor' from Error In Line II, has done it again.

A bit delayed release (shown at Altparty in beginning of January) here's a bunch of new ASCII-style screens and even some graphics! Not bad!

The title is 'Hillary Rozen at or @' and comes in two flavours; one for STe and one for Falcon.
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(Feb 6: Video available) Old DHS demo updated for CT60 February 2nd, 2004
A small bugfix so that our old demo 'Don't Break the Oath' now runs happily on Falcon with 68060 has been released.

Nothing visual in the demo is altered so if you have no CT60 there is nothing new to gain.

A video of the demo running on CT2 should be available very shortly.
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New export module for Escape Paint February 2nd, 2004
Spion of Escape has released a new plugin-module for Escape Paint. The new module exports images in the common PNG-format, making it alot easier to share your pictures outside of the Escape Paint.
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Updated (video available)! Evolution releases update of 1.0 February 1st, 2004
Deez of Evolution have posted a new version of their CT60 intro called '1.0'.

The issues about working badly on RGB has been solved (fadings etc are now correct). This means the promised MPEG2-video of the intro should be available shortly (as soon as we find some place to host it!).
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Old(new) STe-platformer released and updated January 28th, 2004
So this has been circulating for a few days now, a release of an old forgotten platform game for 1MB STe machines. It's a GFA-basic game, but it seems to gain popularity everywhere.

The game has been patched by Grazey so it works on harddisks and packed into a nice zip without a floppy-image (yeah!).
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UPDATED! D-Bug releases double new disks January 28th, 2004
Two new disks from D-Bug released tonight, #180 and #181 (not much of a surprise there).

Disk 180 contains SuperFly and Roger, requires 1MB. Disk 181 contains Mercenary III, Turn N Burn, Cave Mania +.

Intros are made by DHS (#180, original music by 505 and graphics by C-Rem and #181 is made by Cyrano Jones with music by Rhino and graphics by C-Rem and Pursy).


The released #180 had a bug which made it fail on 1MB machines, it has now been fixed. Please download the corrected #180 below.
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New Lynx game released January 28th, 2004
Duranik (previously known for their unfinished Jaguar shoot'em up 'Native' and the Falcon breakout clone 'Impulse') has released a new Lynx game.

From the screenshots and technical info it seems to be a really nice game. On the interesting side, 505 of Checkpoint have made the music (Protracker modules).

The game itself is a winter sports game with many different events to play.
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Lineout releases new Falcon demo! January 20th, 2004
Much awaited, the new demo from Lineout was released tonight by Earx.

The demo is a bit like a cotinueation of their previous 'delta'-demo and features lots of hard-optmized routines by Earx.

The demo should run on any 16MHz Falcon, but seems to have problems with some accelrators (68060 at least).

As a bonus, the entire source-tree is included as well!

As an extra bonus we provide you with a video of the demo for those without a Falcon. The video is recorded from composite-out on a 16MHz Falcon. The image is somewhat noisy thanks to composite. The video is in MPEG2 and has full DVD-resolution (720x576 interlaced) at 2Mbit/s bitrate. The image is interlaced so we recomend playing it on your stand-alone DVD-player for best result, it will give real 50Hz motion. If you're unable to do that, play it on your computer with a player that supports DE-interlacing (such as VideoLAN). However playing the video on a computer screen will look much worse (only 25Hz motion and less resolution). A high-bitrate version of the video can be supplied if somebody wants to host it for download.
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Alive #8 deadline set January 18th, 2004
ST Survivor of the Alive gang announced that the deadline for articles and other stuff to go in issue number eight of Alive is before the end of the month.

Meaning, if you're sitting on finished stuff or is close to finish something, now is the time to complete it and send it to STS!
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AY Riders relases new album January 16th, 2004
Ok, not exactly an Atari news article, but still, they have (nearly) the same soundchip as the ST and some even exactly the same :)

AY Riders have released a new album, entitled '8bits is enuff'.

The album features nearly 80 minutes of Spectrum AY/YM-chipmusic.
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Dbug releases new compact disk January 15th, 2004
A new compact disk (#179) from Dbug was released today, holding the following games:

Realm of the Trolls (Rainbow Arts) never cracked before...
Zombie Apocalypse (STAX) , filed and trained
Trapped 2

The intro is coded by Cyrano Jones and Showaddywaddy with gfx by C-Rem.
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ST Remix CD - Update January 14th, 2004
Some changes to the lineup and songs for the forthcoming ST-Remix CD has been made. One of the 'big' changes are that Amberstar music has been cut away (licence trouble). A great loss as Amberstar features some of the best ever ST game-music..

The current lineup looks like:

Barry Leitch
Marcel Donne
Sonic Wanderer
Markus Holler
Jan Morgenstern
Rafael Dyll

And the current track-list is:

Led Storm (ST version)
Dragon Flight
Tetra Quest
Enchanted Lands
Chambers Of Shaolin
Maniax (Digi intro tune)

The track setup is subject to change, and more tracks might be announced.
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Short report from Alternative Party 2004 January 14th, 2004
Baggio of Evolution went to the Alternative Party 2004, below you can read his small party report.

On the 9th-11th of January, Altparty was once again arranged in Helsinki, Finland. There were about 300 visitors in total. Some familiar faces such as CiH/Alive team, Nerve/Ephidrena, and Wiztom and Setok/Aggression could be seen amongst the crowd. Lots of weird compos took place, among the wierder ones were a sewingcompetition and a poem-recitalcompetition. The main democompo 'dynamic-demo' was quite disappointing as there were no really good contributions. The basic-compo however a few really cool contributions. Quite a few sceners were complaining about the lack of ataripeople at the major partys such as 'Breakpoint' and really hoped there would be an improvement.

In conclusion i can only say that Alternative party was once again a success.
Friendly people, weird compos and a great atmosphere seems to be a winning combination. If you haven't attended one, be sure not to miss the next one!

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Gem Candy competition January 13th, 2004
Either I am blind or I am very ignorant. There has been a competition over at the Gem Candy website to write a fun GEM program. And I completely missed it.

About a week ago the contribs was released to public, and there is a quite fun thing; a GEM remake of the classic 'Teenage Queen' poker game for the ST! This game features excellent hand-drawn graphics (the Cuddly demos loading screen features one of the pics for instance).

Below you can download the three entries from the Gem Candy competition.
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Ephidrena releases Atari behn - trist mix January 12th, 2004
Nerve of Ephidrena has (finally) released the completed version of Atari Behn, now called 'trist mix'.

Some words from the authour;

The new version features MP2 music, seriously reduced filesize and support for RGB ++ and 4MB machines. It also runs well on CT60 and has a high detail mode. Plus various other fixes and details i wont bother listing here. Hope some of you enjoy it ;)

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Evolution releases CT60 intro! January 11th, 2004
Deez of Evolution have been working on his 060 routs a bit silently.

Yesterday he surpriced me with a preview of a new intro aimed for the CT60, and today he released it. Things move fast in the Evolution lanes :)

Deez asked me to pinpoint that this demo requires a 040 or 060 chip to run at all, and that a 060 is needed for running it at an acceptable speed.

A video for those poor suckers without a CT60 will follow some days ahead. Thanks to Deez for finally breaking the ice and coding something exclusivly for those 150 persons who bought the CT60, hurray :)
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Daroou Productions releases new modfile player and sprite editor January 11th, 2004
The unknown (at least to me) Daroou Productions have released a new MOD-player that should work with Falcon/Hades/Milan and perhaps Aranym.

The player is called PaulaNG and has a nice little GEM-interface (see screenshot below).

A little while ago the same guy released a sprite editor in GEM. A nice initiative. Download both prods below or visit Daroou's page (all french).

Thanks to Thomas Raukamp for telling about these programs.
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Atari Tracking awards 2003 January 10th, 2004
Some time ago, 505 of Checkpoint published his ideas of the 2003 tracking awards.

A lot of different awards are sent to people like Damo, Grayscale, YM Rockerz, Thomas and many more. A fun reading at the Atari Tracking site. Link below.

Update 2021-01-30: The link is no longer working.
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New plugins for Escape Paint January 10th, 2004
Spion of Escape have recently been busy porting LibPNG to PureC, and have from there been able to write a PNG picture plugin for Escape Paint.

A few weeks ago Spion also released a greyscale filter module for Escape Paint.
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Professional Atari-remix CD in the works January 6th, 2004
Ok, another late one..

Discussions about a professional audio CD with remakes of Atari (16-bit) classic chiptunes have been going for a while. After a bit of researching there is a lineup of musicans; Markus Holler, Jan Morgenstern, Barry Leitch, Larsec, Rafael Dyll and Marcel Donne.

There are also a few tunes selected, that will almost certainly be included, we can find a few closely tied to the Atari demoscene (Hippel, Scavenger), here's a list of what's decided as of december 4:

FOFT (donne/larsec) - Daglish
Utopia (Barry Leitch) - Leitch
Amberstar (Dyll) - Hippel
Tetra Quest (Donne) - Paul Shields
Enchanted Lands (Larsec) - Hippel
Oddyssy (Morgenstern) - Scavenger

So what can we expect from this? Some mid-file sounding remixes or something better? Well apparently it's the same bunch of guys doing the remix64 1&2 cd's, and they sound very professional. Below you can hear a few example clips from the remix64 #2. Very impressive! Some of the songs also exist on the ST, so it should give you an idea of what quality they can remix ST-tunes at.

Sorry again about the late article, but this quite exceptional news was burried down into a thread on
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Lineout on the go January 6th, 2004
On the rumour side again..

It seems like Lineout have been busy lately and are about to finish their follow-up demo to 'Delta' which was released a year ago quite exactly.

The name of the new demo is unknown, but should be released in the not so far future (this month).

Keep those fingers crossed!
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Spiral memorial site opened January 5th, 2004
Oxygene have opened a webpage for the memory of their artist Spiral. There's a guestbook and a demo (windows...) to download.

Update 2021-01-30: Website gone, but got a copy, linked below
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Old polish crew coming back? January 4th, 2004
Ok, we're late on this..

It would seem like old SHADOWS members have reunited to make a new Falcon demo. Yonek (coder) and Cedyn (music) are working on it, and searching for somebody to make graphics.

(snipped from the forum at
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Overlanders working on new ST software January 4th, 2004
Ben of the Overlanders has surpricingly began a new ST Software project; coding a new chip tracker. Ben is planning to include new yet unheard sound effects, dynamic timer allocation and other smart stuff.

So far the tracker have mostly had (what it seems to be) it's dynamic graphics interface worked with. A full window management system. Below you can see the first screendump of the gui routines, not showing any tracker stuff yet. But at least it looks like Ben is progressing.
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Spiral / Oxygene passed away January 4th, 2004
A short notice that several news sites we have reported about. Unfortenly we have lost a great artist. On december 30, Spiral / Oxygene passed away.

Details of how and possibly why are unknown. Rest in peace.
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#atariscne gallery started January 2nd, 2004
Ok, not really a news article, but we'd like to inform those who are interested that there is a small page opened here on with pics and infos of the people from IRC #atariscne.

Horror show guarenteed ;-)
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Idemline wakes up from the dead January 2nd, 2004
Sine of Idemline was working with two contributions for the online compo (15k music) but didn't manage it in time. But instead of just skipping the entire thing, he finished anyway, just a little later.

So, like a lightning from clear sky, Idemline are back. Welcome :)
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Warryorz mp3/sndh-release January 1st, 2004
In usual tradition, YM Rockerz have released an MP3'ed version of their latest music demo. As usual the mp3 files are assitsted with SNDH files which can be played on any Atari ST or better.

No excuse for not playing YM Rockerz 'Warryorz' at work any more :)
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Lethal Xcess audio cd resurrected January 1st, 2004
Let's kickstart 2004..

When the music for Lethal Xcess (Wings of death 2) was made, Jochen Hippel and Christoph Remspecher also recorded the entire soundtrack in a studio (march 1993).

This CD was never released, until just recently. It can now be downloaded at the X-trolls Lethal Xcess site together with pictures of the cover. Enjoy!
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