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The Fuji photo competition
This compo was setup by UCM fellow ST Survivor. Only one entry were delivered so there was no idea to fulfil the compo with a voting or so.
Below you can read the info about the compo, what it was about etc.
Fujis All Around
Compotime again ! This time the idea is mine, STS, but as usual the compo will be hosted by DHS.
Anyone can take part, no need to paint, code or compose msx ! How come ?? Well today's topic is quite simple : you are only asked to take a photo of a natural fuji-like object. It can be a tree, a leaf, a road, a cloud, a dead animal :) Oki I think you get the point...
The only limitation is as follows : you CANNOT arrange objects so that they look like a fuji (otherwise take three socks and the compo's over !) All entries should be sent as GIF, JPG or any usual picture format (make it readable on both Falcon and ST if possible).
How are you going to compete now ?
Well if you have a digital camera it won't be such a big deal, otherwise you can still scan a photo. Any other ideas are welcomed as long as the basic rule isn't broken.
Deadline is set to Saturday, July 15, 2000 6pm (18.00). All entries and questions should be sent to (STS/LOud!)
--------------- Have Fun And Track The Fuji Shadow Everywhere ! -------------
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