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20 years Atari ST
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15k music demo
Summer 2001
Dither / non-music
Fuji photo
Chipmusic cover
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Xmas intro / non-music
Whip! plugin
Sid Sound Designer
Four colours
Non musican 2
4-colour 160*100 graphics compo.
The goal was to create the best possible picture in 4 colours, using only 160*100 resolution.
4-colour competition results:
  1. Agent-t. 47 points
  2. Havoc. 44 points
  3. Modmate. 38 points
  4. St Survivor 1. 30 points
  5. Britelite. 18 points
  6. Cosmosh. 9 points
  7. Paranoid. 5 points
  8. Zoolook. 4 points
  9. Berzerk. 3 points
  10. Thomas. 3 points
  11. St Survivor 2. 2 points
  12. Dma-Sc. 1 point
  13. Tito. 0 points
Some statistics about the 4col compo:
  • 14 pictures sent in
  • One picture disqualified (were too late)
  • 34 people voted
  • Total 204 points to share
  • Highest score is 47 points of a possible maximum of 102 points
  • The number of pictures and votesheets sent in were much over expectations
  • Two of the artists voted for themself (which were allowed)
  • Five people asked to get the results in advance (none got)
  • Six voters did not follow the specifications in the textfile
  • Two intros to download with relation to the compo

Intros I hear you say? Yes, as promised DHS made a slideshow intro to present the results (that's why you can't read them here yet!). It works with ST, STe, TT and Falcon machines as usual, but now also with Amiga (using the new stdemo devkit for amiga currently in development).
Download slideshow intro.
Download a Cream intro with bizarre news!
Download the pictures in pi1, pc1, neo, iff and gif formats.
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