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The 3k graphics competition
The 3k graphics competition was a big success. We got a record in number of contributions, as well as a record in number of votes!
The aim in the competition was, that by any means - except ripping, create the best picture in 3 kilobytes. Any number of colours, any method, any resolution allowed. The result had to be delivered in Jpeg, Gif, Png or Pc1 format.
Results are as follows
  1. "Lapinot" by Exocet (75 points)
  2. "Wiz" by Peylow (56 points)
  3. "Function" by Havoc (29 points)
  4. "Debug" by Julien C (17 points)
  5. "Illuminate" by Tinker (12 points)
  6. "Kitty" by Spiny (9 points)
  7. "Demon" by Peylow (8 points)
  8. "Bear" by Berserker (6 points)
  9. "U_01" by Patrik S (5 points)
  10. "Ufo" by Cosmosh (3 points)
  11. "Mirror" by Berserker (3 points)
  12. "Dtvm" by Jag af Dtvm (3 points)
  13. "Bidrag" by Tam (2 points)
  14. "Toys" by Tam (0 points)
  15. "After" by Tinker (0 points)
Some compo stats
  • 38 (!) number of voters. New record! (old record was 34 votes)
  • 15 entries delivered! New record!
  • A total of 228 points to share.
  • The winning picture got 75 points of a maximum 114 points possible.
  • Exocet, the winner, had a lead all from start until the end.
  • It took no less than 40 minutes to count the votes.
Your lazy competition host havn't coded any intro this time either. Sorry about that, but I really didn't get the time :-/
Download the compo package (all pics).
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