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Dragonball Is Good For You by Zappy (Japtro)

Dragonball Is Good For You
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7 thumbnails from Japtro (production)


Image data

Title:Dragonball Is Good For You
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:46
Display technique:Fullscreen + Raster splits

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Abira (2012-05-30) Report as spam/crap
I think Zappy used 448 pix wide routine :)

evil (2012-05-30) Report as spam/crap
Common error, the linewidth is 230 bytes, eg 28 full 16-spans (and some waste bytes). Because of that some dudes simply assumed there were 448 visible pixels (their monitor could not be tweaked enough to show the full borders and had to guess). But no, only 416 of them are visible, and the rightmost 6-8 pixels are destroyed due to stabilizer code. So about 408-410 pixels per line (depends where the stabilizer is placed).

evil (2012-05-30) Report as spam/crap
It would be nice though to have the full sized image, however not that easy to rip. From an emulator - it won't show the width. And rip it the manly way with a debugger or cartridge means you have to rip code as well for the rasters - and from that try to write a truecolour image. Simply put, a mess :)

Abira (2012-06-11) Report as spam/crap
Hi evil, thanks for your answer. Well, I don't understand very well the technical explanation, but I did rip pictures years ago with the ultimate ripper cartridge, and I always thought there were 2 fullscreen routines, 416 and 448 pixels wide on 274 (6 black lines on top) 45 lines on the bottom and 35 lines on top if I remember correctly. Here are some pictures I did rip with the cartridge years ago : and here's a good example with two 448 pictures and one 416 I also used Synthetic Arts by the Cybe
etics in the past, and the .kid picture format IS 448*274 So, if you can enlighten me up :-) Regards

Abira (2012-06-11) Report as spam/crap
Here's the example about the fullscreen pictures in 416 and 448 wide pixels I forgot to paste it But I keep saying there're 2 fullsreen sub-programs : the first wrote by Ilja / Level 16, used by TCB The Union which is 448 pix and the second one wrote by Paulo Simoes and used by Dbug / Next and you Evil, among others wich is 416 But maybe I'm wrong ?

evil (2012-06-12) Report as spam/crap
You can put any sized image you like in memory and rip it :) It doesn't mean that the shifter will display the picture. The shifter (if you don't know, the ST/STe video chip) will output 416 pixels per scanline. But the linewidth of the overscan is 448 pixels + 6 bytes (230 bytes). It made people belive that you could actually show 448 pixels and had their poor gfxmen draw such pics :) In reality, when watching a full PAL dump reveals that the shifter will cut off the display after 416 pixels. And with stabilization code for overscan, the last 6-8 pixels are trashed. To make it easier to understand, I made a page that try to explain: Hope it clarifies the situation. -- Anders Eriksson

Abira (2012-06-13) Report as spam/crap
Great explanations, many thanks I just have to check on the real machine, ST and STe to make sure :-) Greets


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