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Fullball by Dbug (Phaleon Gigademo)

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Aggression Logo Chaotic 2 Ending Chaotic Motion 2 Chaotic Motion 3 Chaotic Motion 3 Credits Coco Depacking Data DNT Intro DNT Main DNT Title Firehawks Main Firehawks Title Foxx Fraggles Phaleon Fullball Future Minds Intro Logo Future Minds Main Logo Hemoroids Logo Illusion Dist Inlandsis Insert Disk 1 Insert Disk 2 Insert Disk 3 Insert Disk 4 Intro Title Krom #1 Krom #2 Krom #3 Krom #4 Krom #5 Lazy Coders Legacy 3D Background Legacy Logo Loading Megabusters Menu Amiga Menu Beast Menu Dungeon Menu Select Next Logo MJJ Phaleon Monitor Cleaner Newline Eddie NeXT Logo Phaleon ACF Logo Phaleon Naos Phaleon The End Reset NeXT The Nerve Center
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Image data

Prod:Phaleon Gigademo
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:159
Display technique:Fullscreen + Raster splits
Software used:Degas Elite + Fullscreen Construction Kit + Rembrandt 2
Additional information:Was drawn using a mix of Degas Elite for the main parts (including the eye opening animation), screens assembled using the Fullscreen Construction Kit from FMC-CNX, and finaly pixeling tweaks done using Rembrandt 2.x fullscreen editing.

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evil (2008-12-23) Report as spam/crap
Uses STe palette but not an STe specific screen. Clever thing in the lowest 20 or so scanlines, no overscan there but easily fools you :)


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