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Agony Endlogo by Niko (Agony)

Agony Endlogo
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Agony Endlogo Anomaly Intro Title Anomaly MJJ Logo Are You Experienced Title Bat Bullet Eye Dune Logo Endscroll EKO Flip-O Old Man Gobi Toons Horse Nine Nostalgic Oxygene Logo Santa Space Elk Stencil Vectors System title Toons
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Image data

Title:Agony Endlogo
Machine:Atari Falcon
Used colours:211
Display technique:Lowres 256 colours

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evil (2008-12-22) Report as spam/crap
Soooo nice logo, and shown for only 2-3 secs in the demo, a shame for such outstanding work.

sts (2008-12-23) Report as spam/crap
outstanding work as usual with Niko ! Our pixel god !

505 (2008-12-23) Report as spam/crap
One of the best Falcon graphics, I think.

Zweckform (2008-12-23) Report as spam/crap
Really at least on of the best on Falcon, if not THE.


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