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Plasma Dune by Mic (World Of Wonders)

Plasma Dune
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Aladdin Astronaut Castle Demon Wing Disk Filler Disting Flower Dragon Dune Evil Monk Flexiscroller GFA Lightning Loading Manga #1 Manga #2 Monk Old Man #1 Old Man #2 Plasma Dune Presents Rasterscroller Requiem Rocks Dune Tree Dune
23 thumbnails from World Of Wonders (production)


Image data

Title:Plasma Dune
Prod:World Of Wonders
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:10
Display technique:ST-LOW

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Mic (2013-12-27) Report as spam/crap
A bit of trivia: this logo was done during a small meeting we had with Fantasy and Starlion from Equinox (and where we had a sneak preview of a very early version of the virtual escape).


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