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An Impression by Danny Oneway

An Impression
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An Impression
1 thumbnails from Danny Oneway (artist)


Image data

Artist:Danny Oneway
Title:An Impression
Machine:Atari Falcon
Used colours:5622
Display technique:Hires Hicolour
Additional information:Symposium 1996 competition entry

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pink-rg (2008-12-24) Report as spam/crap
It's a DRAGON in SPACE. Take that fact in for a minute. The only way this picture could get any better is if it was fighting a SHARK. With LASERS.

505 (2008-12-26) Report as spam/crap
pink: dont be so harsh.. its a magic dragon ;) ... and looks great

Zweckform (2009-01-07) Report as spam/crap
Inspired by this one:


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