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Mathematica Title by Dan (Mathematica)

Mathematica Title
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Angry Aura Logo Aura Presents #1 Aura Presents #2 Back in the Nick Of Time Bee Background Blue Period Credits Blue Period Title Feedback Flex Ida Independent Independent Music Compile #3 Menu Indymag 1 Title It's a Girl 2 Line Vectors Main menu Mathematica Title Oergs Pillars Pozdrawienia Do Gdanska River Startup Title
23 thumbnails from Dan (artist)


Image data

Title:Mathematica Title
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:23
Display technique:Raster splits

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Dan (2009-01-28) Report as spam/crap
my first logo for an Aura production - I was so proud.... :)Christian converted it to STE -colors , orginal version had 16 colors

vlg (2009-01-28) Report as spam/crap
I remember that nice production, and yes this little logo was impressive.


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