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Wings Of Death Title by ES (Wings Of Death)

Wings Of Death Title
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3 thumbnails from Wings Of Death (production)


Image data

Title:Wings Of Death Title
Prod:Wings Of Death
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:154
Display technique:Spectrum 512
Software used:Spectrum 512

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mic (2009-01-12) Report as spam/crap
Quite colorful image and one of the few good spectrum 512 picture (meaning not a digit).

Zweckform (2009-01-12) Report as spam/crap
Most times such pics were too colorful. This one has a fair arrangement of colours. Nice work.

RA/pdx (2009-01-12) Report as spam/crap
Just wonderful!

Dan (2009-01-25) Report as spam/crap
This pic rocks! I LOVE the dragon !!


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