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Flip-O Old Man by Niko (Flip-O-Demo)

Flip-O Old Man
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18 thumbnails from Niko (artist)


Image data

Title:Flip-O Old Man
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:16
Display technique:ST-LOW
VideoDB:Watch a video of this prod

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sts (2008-12-23) Report as spam/crap
starting with such a great titlepic, you already knew Flip'O would kick ass like hell.

havoc (2008-12-23) Report as spam/crap
yes! this KICKS ASS

505 (2008-12-23) Report as spam/crap
yeah, absolutely outstanding

Zweckform (2008-12-23) Report as spam/crap

mic (2008-12-24) Report as spam/crap
That's a pretty impressive picture. Niko always made good use of dithering combined with extended stf palette (basically you have your 8 colours gradient and to extend it you just duplicate the colors and shift one of their component).

vlg (2009-01-18) Report as spam/crap

Hylst (2013-11-13) Report as spam/crap
That picture is so good :)


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