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Underwater Atari by Piesiu (Sillyventure 2011 invite)

Underwater Atari
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Image data

Title:Underwater Atari
Prod:Sillyventure 2011 invite
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:32
Display technique:Lower border + Raster splits
VideoDB:Watch a video of this prod

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Ukko (2011-06-24) Report as spam/crap
Impressive !!! Piesiu you roxx

shazz (2011-06-25) Report as spam/crap
Very detailled, nice colors, I like a lot.

Hylst (2011-07-12) Report as spam/crap
like shazz said =)

Dma-Sc (2011-07-15) Report as spam/crap
Style, colors and composition are excellent, i love the relief!

RA/pdx (2011-09-21) Report as spam/crap
I really like it. :-)


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