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Tuttugandi by Proteque (20 Years Atari STE Megademo)

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20 Years STE Title Atari STe 20 year megademo Back in the Nick Of Time Bubble Credits Cubes Ribbons and 3D Flybys Extravagance Eye Globe Happy Birthday STe Ik Haat Atari STe Island Main menu Panel Paradize Logo Pillars Plasma Presents Rotozoom The End Tuttugandi
21 thumbnails from 20 Years Atari STE Megademo (production)


Image data

Prod:20 Years Atari STE Megademo
Machine:Atari STe
Used colours:16
Display technique:Overscan
Software used:Photoshop (Mac)
VideoDB:Watch a video of this prod

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RA/pdx (2009-12-29) Report as spam/crap
The picture itself is really great, but i donīt like this Floyd-Steinberg dithering.

Proteque (2010-04-28) Report as spam/crap
no wonder. but we(I) were short of time/motivation and needed something quick to fill the background. So we used an old (never used) 24 bit picture I made and converted a small part of it. Shameless? :)


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